SAP Leonardo Most Innovative Leading Partner of Greater China

On 6 December 2018, Deloitte China Consulting's SAP Service Line Partner, Andy Zhou, attended 2018 SAP Leonardo & Analytics Summit, and received the award of SAP Leonardo Most Innovative Leading Partner of Greater China on behalf of Deloitte China Consulting.

As the pace of digital business evolves, SAP has stepped forward with the SAP Leonardo Digital Innovation System—a portfolio of technologies that can help get ahead of tomorrow’s big challenges and tap new opportunities in the digital economy. From IoT services and machine learning capabilities to SAP Cloud Platform and edge computing, SAP Leonardo offers a host of capabilities that can help enable tomorrow’s digital enterprise. To help unlock the full potential of SAP Leonardo, Deloitte has collaborated with SAP to deliver new use cases, integrated market solution and products that can help our clients accelerate the innovation cycle while also strengthening their core business to improve its performance or for future growth.

Deloitte Leonardo Innovation Space was officially launched on April 13, 2018. This is the first partner operated SAP Leonardo digital innovation space in the world which deeply uses SAP Leonardo design thinking concept and integrates with achievements of Deloitte Reimagine Platform.

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The Deloitte Reimagine Platform delivers a portfolio of solutions developed through a co-innovation collaboration between Deloitte and SAP. Deloitte Reimagine Platform offerings leverage the SAP Leonardo digital innovation system and are designed to help organizations build a seamless bridge between operating and innovating—to transform the business and position it to address future challenges head on.

With solutions built around SAP Leonardo, the Deloitte Reimagine Platform can help you modernize the enterprise while deploying capabilities such as machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT) functionality, blockchain technology, advanced analytics, and other innovative capabilities that can scale across your entire organization.

Together with partners and directors of Deloitte China Consulting Analytics & Information Management, Andy has also met with Andrew Xu, Vice President of SAP Greater China Leonardo & Analytics during the conference. Both parties reviewed the results of our collaboration over the past few months and reached a consensus on the priorities for further cooperation.

Besides SAP Leonardo, we have been recognised by SAP in making great market impact on other areas of its products such as S/4HANA, C/4HANA, etc and it will continue to be so. In 2018, we have also been awarded:

The overall success is through strong alignment in various levels from top executive to working teams of both parties and we are committed in solution innovation and talent development. With our collaboration, we will help companies consolidate the digital core and bridge the transformation gap while concurrently carrying out large-scale rapid innovations, developing new business models, and embracing a new digital future with continuous sustainable growth.


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