Deloitte Cloud Team Delivered Sinopec Cloud Migration Project

We are pleased to share with you that Deloitte Consulting Cloud team has delivered the engagement "Ali Cloud Migration for Sinopec Marketing's Customer Service Platform" with high quality.

This is the largest migration recorded in Sinopec Group's IT system in terms of data volume, the number of organizations and the range of systems involved. It is also Deloitte's first 10T+ Ali Cloud migration engagement for a major central SOE. The customer service platform migration project is an important initiative to promote Sinopec's IT excellence and business upgrade as well as the transformation of the Group's IT architecture to the "platform + application" model, guaranteeing the "enterprise-customer" ecosystem.

Since Deloitte established strategic partnership with Ali Cloud in 2015, both parties have achieved tremendous milestones with persistent and unremitting efforts. We developed the first SCRM system based on Ali Cloud for a giant central SOE and built the first WeChat platform under centralized deployment that responds to the requirements from headquarters and subsidiaries in provinces and cities to centralize and decentralize businesses. We also delivered the first ultra-large-scale Ali Cloud migration with extremely complex application. These breakthroughs stand testament to seamless collaborations between the capable professionals of Deloitte and Ali Cloud. The migration has proved a best practice from which we gathered valuable customer service experience and formed an effective Ali Cloud migration methodology for large data volume and complex applications, laying a solid foundation for bringing our service delivery to the next level. 

Project Background

Sinopec Marketing set up a customer-centric service platform as part of its plan to transform from a pure oil supplier to an integrated service supplier and to offer better services to customers. Deloitte had provided services in multiple engagements including CRM system, WeChat marketing platform (including official account, WeChat mall, and credit shop), CRM e-coupon module and APP development for Sinopec Marketing since 2015, helping client set up a customer service platform. The entire platform, developed based on Ali Cloud proprietary domain platform, adopts the internet architecture with “focus on platform and supplemented by application” and connects online and offline marketing channels covering retail, wholesale and non-oil business, converging data from hundreds of millions of customers nationwide.

Following Sinopec Group's unified deployment strategy, Sinopec Marketing needed to migrate its customer service platform to the proprietary Ali Cloud platform in order to provide customers with "fast, smooth and stable" new experience.


Project Introduction

After the whole process of assessment, planning and implementation, Sinopec Marketing's customer service platform (CRM, e-coupon and WeChat system) was smoothly and successfully moved to a "new home" in less than 100 days. Many technical challenges occurred during the migration process as it involved multiple systems, multiple integrated interfaces, extensive resources, large volume of data, wide range of customers as well as short downtime requirement, all of which were well managed and overcome with success. At present, the customer service platform is running smoothly on the new proprietary Ali Cloud platform.

Thorough Assessment. The relocation of the Sinopec Marketing's customer service platform involved CRM system and its e-coupon module, WeChat marketing platform, WeChat Mall system, APP system and 200 interfaces integrated via nearly 20 peripheral systems, with a cumulative data volume of 10 Tb. Under the systematical organization of the client, Deloitte worked together with PCITC, Ali Cloud and other 7 vendors to conduct a thorough assessment on the status of the platform, repetitively checking and confirming key information regarding systems, interfaces, integration, resources and data volume, which gave us a full and clear picture of all aspects of the platform.

Well Prepared Planning. In view of the situation of the system, Deloitte worked with relevant parties and, based on the principle of common understanding and unified standards, developed an overall plan for system migration, which included 9 key migration steps, i.e. early-stage preparation, shutdown of systems in the old environment, data migration, launch of customer service platform applications in the new environment, group DNS switch, sample station test and system application start-up test in the new environment, and follow-up work. We also modularized more than 300 work cards covered by the system, refining them to the instructions of reporting completed operations. Before the formal migration of the platform, Deloitte conducted three desktop drills, three data migration drills and one system shutdown drill according to the overall plan, laying a solid foundation for the formal migration.

Performing the Migration. Based on the established "scripts" - the migration schedule and the operation card, the on-site personnel performed their duties and executed the tasks according to the overall plan in an orderly manner. Finally, we managed to complete the migration of Sinopec Marketing's customers services platform within 32 hours, 16 hours ahead of schedule.


About the Client

China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (referred to as "Sinopec") established on February 25, 2000. It is a joint-stock enterprise by Sinopec Group Company of exclusive sponsorship. Sinopec has the characteristic of upstream, middle and lower reaches integration. The main business of petroleum and petrochemical is outstanding, with a relatively complete sales network, domestic and foreign listed companies. Sinopec is China's largest supplier of refined oil and petrochemical products, and second largest oil and gas producer, which is also the world's largest refining company and second largest chemical company. The total number of gas stations ranks the second in the world. In 2017 Fortune, it Ranked 3rd among the world's top 500 companies.

Sinopec Sales Company Limited (Hereinafter referred to as “Sinopec Sales Company”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, is China's largest refined oil supplier. The business covers wholesale, retail and non-oil retail products. It has more than 30,000 gas stations and approximately 26,000 CVS. The total number of gas stations ranks the second in the world and also the largest retail chain business in China.

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