Project e-SAFE: Innovative concepts and affordable solutions for deep building renovation

Second consortium meeting and survey launch

Deloitte is participating in the consortium of the Innovation project “Energy and Seismic Affordable rEnovation solutions (e-SAFE)” funded by Horizon 2020, which aims to develop an innovative system to combine the earthquake-proof, energy-efficient and architectural renovation of existing buildings. The e-SAFE Consortium is currently launching a Survey among stakeholders and interested parties from the housing market, the construction industry and other relevant professions in order to form a preliminary impression of their experience/perceptions with respect to seismic and/or energy retrofitting.

The system will ensure both compliance with energy saving and earthquake-proof safety objectives, as well as greater aesthetic and functional attractiveness, internal comfort, reduced construction time and costs, less inconvenience for occupants, accessible financing solutions and innovative business models. All these factors make the proposed system competitive in the European construction market, with the aim of meeting long-term climate and energy objectives.

The second periodic meeting of the project took place on 29 and 30 March 2021 with great success. The partners actively participated in the discussions and planned the next steps ahead. Some of the topics discussed were the stakeholders’ engagement, the prototyping of the technologies, the demonstrated activities and the ICT infrastructure.

During the meeting, Deloitte had the chance to present the work that has been done regarding the market survey activity, which will help towards shaping relevant and effective business models, and financial schemes to enable and maximise the sustainable commercial exploitation of the project. The survey has already been launched.

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