Collaborating towards a future in renewable energy

Deloitte’s Innovation and Enterpreneurship Centre contributes towards capacity building of three South African Universities in the framework of the EURYDICE project.

The EURYDICE project seeks to improve students’ employability in the field of renewable energy by increasing collaborations between universities and the industry and it addresses the limited practical exposure identified among students within the higher educational bands in South Africa such as Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET), Higher Education (Diploma, Bachelor, Masters), as well as Doctoral study degrees.

In addition to Deloitte Cyprus, the consortium consists of three European Univerities which will transfer the necessary knowledge to their twin Universities in South Africa, so as to further develop and improve their courses in renewable energy.

Deloitte is the industrial partner dealing with the development and implementation of an acceleration programme for teams of South African students, while at the same time overseeing the quality management procedures for the project results. Deloitte in collaboration with the Bank of Cyprus operates ARIS [A Really Inspiring Space], a start-up accelerator created to support the successful development of emerging business ideas. Leveraging its experience in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, Deloitte will offer a tailored made Fast-track Acceleration Programme for graduate students in South Africa. The aim of this task is to integrate students in the business spectrum, to create opportunities for graduates/ aspiring entrepreneurs to transform ideas into a proof of concept/ prototype and to Guide them as to the steps required to develop a minimum viable product. 

Deloitte is also responsible for the Quality Management of the project. Quality is a key strategic priority that is reflected in every stage of the project life cycle, from the beginning and through to closing. In this respect, the EURYDICE consortium is commited to ensuring high-quality results and Deloitte isn the respective work package leader. 

You can check out the latest animated video on EURYDICE project here

The project started in January 2020 and will be completed in January 2024.

Project budget: €989.984

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