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Deloitte Davos Live 2016

Deloitte invites the world to join a global conversation on what issues matter most and how we can make #ImpactThatMatters

It’s one thing to make an impact. It’s quite another to make an #ImpactThatMatters. What are the issues that matter most? And how can we address them?

Building on past themes of how business can play a role in making positive societal impact, Deloitte Davos Live in 201 presents an innovative forum for capturing ideas on making #ImpactThatMatters. Our interactive installation at the World Economic Annual Meeting brings the conversation to life through macro- and micro-level illustrated notes. 

Visit the #ImpactThatMatters website to read and hear insights from people around the world and see our installation come together at Davos 20-23 January.  

We also invite you to share your views on the world and how we can all make an #ImpactThatMatters. Post a video, photo, or tweet with hashtag #ImpactThatMatters and tell us:

  • What are the issues that matter most to you?
  • What do you think leaders should do to make #ImpactThatMatters?

Your thoughts could be selected to be shared on our website as well as illustrated at Davos.

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The wall: Deloitte at Davos 2015

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Leadership Blogs 

In the days leading up to and during Davos, Deloitte delegates and thought leaders will share their insights on Forum topics. Check back for updated links to the latest posts. 

Read the latest blog posts from Deloitte leaders at Davos: 


DTTL CEO Barry Salzberg blogs about Millennials, careers and how businesses must adapt in 'I am Millennial. Hear me roar.'


Gary Coleman blogs about the innovation imperative for business in 'Disrupt or be disrupted'


Chip Cottrell blogs about @WEF’s efforts to fight corruption globally in 'The alignment and advancement of a global anti-corruption agenda.'


Yoriko Goto explores gender inequality in Japan in 'Mind the Gap.'


Duane Dickson shares how advanced materials systems can make an impact on major global issues in 'Addressing Global Megatrends through Advanced Materials Systems.'


Pradeep Prabhala writes about the unfulfilled promise of impact investing in 'The Unfulfilled Promise of Impact Investing.'


Amy Fuller shares how Deloitte is bringing the ideas and opinions of a wider audience to Davos in 'Yes, There is Egalitarianism at Davos.'


Jacques Buith blogs about the threat of cyber-attacks by 2020, and how businesses should prepare in 'Towards the quantification of cyber threats.'


John Levis reports on WEF efforts to boost productivity and competitiveness in Latin America in 'Building bridges to productivity in Latin America.'


Gary Coleman reflects on Premier Li's "new normal" address at WEF in Davos in 'The new normal: For better or for worse?' 


Duane Dickson looks at the impact of urbanization on the bio-economy in 'Urbanization and the Bioeconomy.'


Alain Pons notes that a strong sense of purpose can help drive sustainable business growth in 'Sustainable growth: a concern for Millennials and a matter of economic common sense.' 


David Sproul on why 'Trust holds the Key to Economic Recovery.'  


Steve Almond on how businesses and governments must work together to tackle corruption in 'Corruption is Worth $3 Trillion – and Growing.' 


Duane Dickson on the implications of the Deloitte Millennial Survey for the chemicals industry in 'Millennials Changing the Global Chemical Industry Landscape.''


Steve Almond blogs about tracking societal goals and progress in 'GDP cannot measure what matters most to people.'


Barry Salzberg says diversity is just a buzzword until you bring it to life, in his blog post 'Here's a Crazy Idea: Let's Not Just Focus on Profits.'


Gary Coleman says 'The only certain thing is uncertainty' in his blog post about the impact of recent geopolitical instability.

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