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Deloitte Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre

Innovation is no longer an option, it’s a requirement

Innovation is a top priority for Deloitte. In order to transform the way we serve clients, develop our people, and lead our industry, we are investing more time, resources, and money than ever before.

Our approach to innovation - in business and beyond

Turning disruption into lasting value

Disruptive innovations - if they’re not seen as opportunities, they’ll most certainly become threats to the way we do business. The IEC takes a comprehensive and systematic approach to innovation, asking the right questions in order to help clients stay futurefocused and growing strong. We strive to deliver impact that matters by transforming
complexity and disruption into lasting value.

Five key areas for driving innovation

With our depth, breadth, and relentless passion for innovation, we have the ability to create powerful, attainable opportunities to stay ahead of the curve. We approach innovation by constantly asking questions and evaluating five key areas of an organisation:

People. How will people react to this change? Are we organised for innovation? What changes are needed?

Process. How will we need to change the way we work? Have we thought through all the other processes and workflows that may be impacted by this change? Do we embrace experimentation?

Technology. Will the new technology work? What risks need to be managed and which are most likely to yield the biggest returns?

Governance. Do we have the organisational discipline to execute on this innovation? What are our quality controls and mechanisms of accountability?

Policy. How do shifting regulatory policy and legal requirements impact our need to change and the likelihood of our innovation initiative’s success?

Innovation starts with insight and seeing challenges in a new way. Our breadth, depth, and scale, combined with our passion for business innovation, create powerful opportunities to help our clients stay ahead of change, deliver impact that matters, and transform disruption into lasting value. We believe in the power of innovation as a driver of economic competitiveness and social progress.

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