About us

Deloitte Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre

The aim of the Centre is to stimulate the Cypriot economy by supporting innovation and entrepreneurship. Due to our participation in numerous EU funded projects, we have gained strong expertise in the field of start-ups, and we have established collaborations and synergies throughout the globe, creating thus, a pool of expertise to assist you in seeing your dreams materialize.

Our Mission

The Centre’s mission is to provide support to start-up companies and give young entrepreneurs the boost they need for their business by equipping them with business-related expertise and evidence-based insights.

Our Vision

We aspire to nourish the Cypriot entrepreneurial ecosystem of Cyprus through strategic partnerships that will fuel innovation.

Supporting Innovation

Through the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre, Deloitte participates in a number of research projects in the fields of education, ICT, energy and the environment, aiming to promote the uptake and use of innovative ideas in various sectors of the economy.

Supporting Entrepreneurship

Under the Entrepreneurship pillar, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre endeavors to generate and develop tools that will assist in the formation of a robust Cypriot entrepreneurship ecosystem. Specifically, the Centre blends real-world innovation experience to assist start-ups with mastering the skills and mind-set to solve their business challenges.



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