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Deloitte’s new look

Larnaca International Airport

As part of Deloitte’s global campaign ‘Make your impact’, launched in 21 airports around the world, we have proceeded to the re-design of our Deloitte adverts located at Larnaca International Airport.

Deloitte member firms from around the world have come together to align around a singular message and visual style - one global brand delivering one global voice - in one global campaign.

Make your impact ads show progression, transformation, and action. They talk about Deloitte’s ability to make an impact in an era of disruption and rapid change—specifically highlighting that Deloitte understands technology and has the skills and experience to apply it to deliver business value. The ads fall into three broad categories: digital; transformation; and workforce.

The Make your impact campaign is a very visible and bold expression of Deloitte's global purpose: to make an impact that matters.

Our firm has presence at three premium locations at Larnaca International Airport including the entrance and exit of the airport as well as the corridor leading to the VIP lounge.

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