Finance Function & Internal Financial Controls Assurance

We can help your CFOs and Finance teams to create world class finance functions by assessing and providing insight on the finance organization (people/talent), strategy, technology and processes. Finance function assurance services include reporting and consolidation process, account reconciliations, finance systems assessment and loaned staff.

We also assess and facilitate robust internal financial control environments that support finance functions in meeting their financial reporting and regulatory needs.

We identify, develop, and test the policies and procedures within business processes and information technology environments. For example, we can help you with internal financial control remediation & transformation, end-to-end internal financial control review, management testing of internal financial controls and third party controls assurance.

Reporting and consolidation process

We assess the full time consolidation and reporting process, including any issues focused around people, processes and technology.

Account Reconciliations

We assess and evaluate the process and tools used around how account reconciliations are performed.

Finance Systems Assessment

We evaluate information technology capabilities, assess functional and technical systems requirements, align finance requirements with systems capabilities; develop vendor criteria to accelerate the system selection process; provide advice in systems implementation (ERP, budgeting, planning, forecasting, consolidation, etc.).

Loaned Staff

We support organizations to address both your short and long-term Finance Talent needs by providing experienced non-qualified and qualified resources to sustain day-to-day activities.

Management Testing of Internal Financial Controls

We assist with all aspects of management's own testing of controls. Our services include performing design and operating effectiveness testing, quality assurance reviews of in-house work performed through to full design and implementation of an internal testing function. Services also comprise concepts for continuous monitoring of controls and management with KPI dashboards.

Third Party Controls Assurance

We help you address regulator and marketplace demand to manage third-party risk with readiness and attestation services. This includes the issuance of third party assurance reports and agreed-upon procedures (AUP) related to internal financial controls. Third party controls assurance provides clients and the independent auditors of a service organization with information on policies, procedures and controls that may be relevant to their internal control structure and their financial statements. Third party assurance reports assist in identifying your company’s most business-critical, process-based relationships. They pinpoint existing internal and outsourcing organisation gaps in processes and controls that may increase risk. Furthermore, they enhance existing activities with a more encompassing framework for internal controls.