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The GSO team tracks world events on a daily basis for potential impacts on Deloitte's people and member firms. Whenever a crisis occurs anywhere in the world, GSO, in conjunction with DTTL's Global Crisis Management Team, is able to provide a swift response to help member firms account for the safety of their people, provide necessary relief, and resume normal business operations as soon as possible. "Threats may come in many sizes and forms, including geopolitical instability, crime, and natural disasters. As one example, we had more than 10,000 U.S. practitioners and international travelers in the path of Hurricane Sandy," notes Ted Almay, Deloitte Global Security Officer.

During the tragic Boston Marathon bombings, the GSO team worked closely with the U.S. member firm's Office of Security to account for the safety of local and international Deloitte practitioners, including three international Deloitte partners who were participating in the race.

The extensive travel of Deloitte people around the globe presents unique risks. Deloitte member firms may have more than 20,000 people traveling to serve clients on any given day. GSO provided guidance and security planning support in FY2013 for nearly 800 engagement teams that were considering work in potentially troublesome areas of the world. As part of DTTL's global travel security protocols, member firms are encouraged to incorporate security into their travel programs and consult with the GSO before undertaking travel to high-risk locations.

When member firm engagement teams cannot avoid traveling to high-risk locations, the GSO can assist them with designing comprehensive security plans, including location-specific security briefings, hotel and transportation recommendations, on-the-ground project logistics, and direct security support, as needed. In doing so, GSO leverages a network of specialized security providers who are based in many high-risk locations. For example, during the H7N9 outbreak GSO provided travel guidance to member firms and monitored the situation closely, leveraging third party expert resources, to provide Deloitte people with up-to-date risk assessments.

DTTL maintains a global contract with a leading emergency medical and security provider to quickly mobilize resources to assist Deloitte travelers and immediate family members whether they are on business or personal travel. The GSO team responded to more than 85 medical-assistance cases in FY2013, including emergency evacuations from remote and higher-risk locations.

Another important function of the GSO is to ensure that Deloitte's people are aware of particular risks before they travel. GSO has developed a series of general travel and country-specific e-learning courses. Deloitte professionals also have access to a comprehensive travel security website containing the latest security bulletins, assessments, country risk ratings, and other resources for travelers. In addition, DTTL recently introduced a mobile application from its emergency services provider, International SOS, which allows Deloitte practitioners to receive the latest security and health alerts and to access other resources.

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