She.Can.STEM Program

Are you a female student in secondary or tertiary education? Join us to break down STEM barriers!

When it comes to STEM, females usually perceive it as a male-dominated territory, and as a result fewer and fewer girls are studying STEM-related subjects, or see themselves working in this field; an area that, more than any other, will shape and design the future. STEM does not have a gender. We have thus made it our mission to inspire and empower more girls to pursue STEM fields, take control, and influence their futures.

  • Female students in secondary education in Cyprus: Apply for our She.Can.Stem Internship Program by 14 April 2024, and get a first-hand experience in what a career in STEM is like.
  • Female university students, who are Cypriot citizens and who are pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate STEM degrees: The application cycle for the 2024 program is now closed. Stay tuned for the 2025 program!

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She.Can.STEM Program
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