Accelerating smart manufacturing: The value of an ecosystem approach

How can an ecosystem approach transcend challenges amidst uncertain times?

The 2019 Deloitte and the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI) smart factory study, Manufacturing goes digital: Smart factories have the potential to spark labor productivity, sparked our interest in further examining the dynamics of how manufacturers are reaching outside their organization to connect with vendors and service providers to advance their smart manufacturing journey.

Deloitte and MAPI once again teamed up to produce Accelerating smart manufacturing: The value of an ecosystem approach, which is based on a survey of more than 1,000 manufacturing executives. The study explores how players in an ecosystem are a force multiplier for each other and more than twice as likely to find value through others’ capabilities.

The manufacturing industry has already been on a digital transformation journey—one that is complicated by legacy digital assets. But as the 2019 Smart Factory study showed, the majority of manufacturers surveyed were making progress in the right direction. In the past few months, the disruption and economic hardship from the ongoing pandemic has increased the urgency to accelerate smart manufacturing initiatives for future competitiveness.

How can smart manufacturing proceed amidst uncertain times? Our study discovers that success comes through leveraging partners.


Leadership perspectives

Tracking the recovery: What manufacturers can learn from one another?

By Vincent Rutgers, Global Leader—Industrial Products & Construction

Just as the virus worked its way across the globe, the recovery will also be uneven across the world. This won’t make things easy for manufacturers. However, the staggered recovery will allow businesses to draw on the insights of regions and sectors that are ahead in the cycle.

In this blog, Vincent Rutgers discusses the challenges faced and lessons learned by manufacturers across the globe to recover and thrive as they navigate the uncertainty of the “next normal. The insights are drawn from Vincent’s recent podcast series on the Impact of COVID-19 on manufacturing.

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