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Global Human Capital Trends 2014

Human capital trends and priorities that are driving HR business decisions for leaders in the global Energy and Resources (E&R) sector.

As the world comes out of the recession, CEO and HR leaders across industries report that talent is a key challenge to growth; highlighting leadership and employee engagement concerns. Comparatively, while E&R companies share in these challenges, they must also contend with a number of industry specific trends. The continued rise in global energy demands has spurred growth across the sector and compounded continuing talent difficulties; noticeably endemic skilled labor shortages and employee retention struggles.

This report compares the E&R results, based on 199 respondents from around the globe, to the global results as indicated by our comprehensive survey of more than 2,500 business leaders and HR executives in 94 countries. Based on responses, trends have been categorized as: Urgent, Important, Somewhat Important and Not Important.

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