digital transaction banking


Digital Transaction Banking

Opportunities & Challenges

Digital adaptation started off as an option but has evolved into a necessity in every bank’s agenda around the globe as end-clients—consumers, businesses, and governments—are quickly adopting trends cascading from the technology sector in their IT capabilities, business operations, and business models.

This report was created by the Deloitte Southeast Asia member firm.

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Transaction banks in the region have been largely perceived to be focused on improving existing solutions internally. This internal focus may not suffice in addressing the end-clients’ demand for digital functionality and cost-efficiency moving forward. Sensing a quick shift in the client’s growing demand for technological capabilities, emerging alternative non-bank players – more commonly known as Fintechs – are beginning to transform the financial sector by revamping offerings and solutions in the new digital landscape; some creating sustainable disruption practices while others enabling their clients to do more with less. It is imperative for banks to recognize and act upon fulfilling the growing digital needs of end-clients in this time of rapid change by seizing the opportunity to establish themselves as early adopters using their incumbent advantage in the financial services sector.

It is inevitable that banks will need to ramp up investments in their digital agenda. The transaction banking space holds great potential and we anticipate the space to develop at an intense pace and result in an increase in the number of ubiquitously digitized products and offerings. While banks may take comfort in their incumbent advantage, technologically-enabled non-bank challengers have been ramping up their capabilities in a significantly faster pace and are notably stronger today, challenging the privileged access and relationships traditional transaction banks currently enjoy with their institutional clients. The verdict is clear: banks can either seek to gain the first-mover advantage, or remain on the sidelines and be forced to play catch up eventually.

Digital Transaction Banking
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