Cyber regulation in Asia Pacific


Cyber regulation in Asia Pacific

How financial institutions can craft a clear strategy in a diverse region

This report aims to shed light on regulation emerging in the cyber risk realm for financial institutions active in Asia Pacific, with a view to helping those institutions develop a strategy that meets the varying regulatory expectations.

The report provides a framework through which financial institutions can assess their own cyber risk capability and strategy, and understand the different regulatory approaches.

It also gives an overview of recent financial services regulatory developments in regards to cyber risk in seven jurisdictions across the region: India, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Singapore and Australia. By laying out these developments, we hope to assist financial institutions stay ahead of regulatory trends.

In closing, we recommend practical steps that organisations can take to develop a coherent region-wide cyber risk strategy and thereby minimise regulatory risk.

For an analysis of major privacy and data protection considerations and developments in Asia Pacific, please refer to Building trust across cultures: Privacy and data protection

Cyber regulation in Asia Pacific
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