Performance Magazine - Issue 23


Performance Magazine - Issue 23

May 2017

In this edition of Performance Magazine, we reflect the global nature of the investment industry. Irrespective of which part of the investment value chain is the primary focus of executives operating in this industry, they have to stay abreast of global developments. Therefore, in this issue we look across the global investment industry, at the diverse issues that we face today.

From the Executive suite, we have a discussion with Euan Munro, the Chief Executive of Aviva Investors, who shares his perspective on key industry issues, and also outlines the philosophy underpinning Aviva Investors successful Outcome focused AIMS Multi-Strategy fund range. From the front office, we hear from Valentijn van Nieuwenhuijzen, Head of Multi Asset at NN Investment Partners, as he describes how his investment process is informed by behavioural finance and harnesses big data.

EMEA is an important investment management market facing much change. To address that, firstly, Julie Becker, a Member of the Executive Committee of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange describes the newly formed European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group on sustainable finance, which presents recommendations for a comprehensive EUstrategy on sustainable finance as part of the Capital Markets Union.

Secondly, Brexit is a key European issue for the industry, and Deloitte Partner Gavin Bullock examines the consequences for investment managers in terms of their corporate structures and taxation arrangements.

Turning to South East Asia, the investment industry is becoming increasingly sophisticated and managing financial crime compliance is becoming critical for firms operating in the region.

On the other side of the globe in the US, Deloitte Partner Karl Ehrsam and his colleagues provide a briefing on the Investment company reporting modernization rule, introduced by the Securities and Exchange Commission on 13 October 2016.

Technology is playing a key role across the investment industry and the final two articles examine the intersection of technology innovation, regulation and distribution. Deloitte, in collaboration with Irish Funds, assesses how blockchain technology could be applied to regulatory reporting requirements.

The final article assesses the potential of robo-advice as we hear from Rahul Sharma on The Future of Automated Financial Advice. Based upon a recent indepth research report, Sharma shares the attractiveness for customers, describes the advantages, addresses challenges that it raises, and outlines the importance of establishing an appropriate governance regime.

In summary, in this edition of Performance Magazine, we address a wide range of issues that industry executives have to grapple with, ranging from the development of investment capability, managing a changing regulatory landscape, innovation in technology, through to the growing sophistication of the South East Asian industry.

This is a broad ranging edition, befitting a global industry. We hope you find this interesting.

Performance Magazine Issue #23
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