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Deloitte and Business 20 (B20) Argentina 2018

Employment & Education: Ten years on

The G20 process is celebrating its tenth year of multilateral commitments to strengthening its member economies and diplomatic ties of employment-related commitments. This year, Argentina holds the G20 presidency, and has committed the year to “building consensus for fair and sustainable development.”

One of the key focuses for the G20 presidency in 2018 are issues related to the future of work. As Deloitte has examined in its recent Readiness Report, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is ushering in technological advancements that are transforming businesses, economies, jobs and even society. Although there are many opportunities presented by these changes, there are also many who will be left behind, or require new skillsets to meet the jobs of tomorrow.

In order to meet these challenges head on, Deloitte is engaging with the B20 to support policy recommendations that finds solutions to the many questions this new world of work poses for business and society.

Implementation report

Over the past ten years, G20 leaders have agreed to many employment-related policies and recommendations. However, the implementation and effectiveness of these efforts has varied country-to-country.

To better understand the impact that these policies have had, Deloitte, the International Organisation of Employers (IOE) and the Business at the OCED (BIAC) have joined together to release Ten years on: The G20 Employment Process – Successes, Challenges and Impacts.

This monitoring report is a call for action to governments: to live up to their commitments and improve implementation, to build on the successes of the G20 employment process achieved in the last ten years, and to tackle the challenges G20 countries face, particularly in youth and female employment, with more determination.


In addition to analyzing the G20 process over the past ten years, Deloitte is also working to ensure that the process is making a positive impact going forward. As a Knowledge Partner of the B20 Employment & Education Taskforce, which is business’s official representation to the G20, Deloitte is engaging with stakeholders to identify and address issues facing business and societies in the G20 countries.

For the second year, Deloitte is serving as the Knowledge Partner for the B20’s Employment & Education Taskforce. In this role, Deloitte collects the insights and practical approaches proposed by business, including its own, to support the development of employment-related policy recommendations for the G20 2018.

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