Financial Times & Deloitte Digital Health Summit USA


Financial Times Digital Health Summit USA

The conference provides a timely opportunity to examine and discuss the major digital trends shaping the healthcare and life sciences industries in the US, as well as the emerging opportunities and challenges for traditional industry players, disruptors, investors and the tech industry.

October 27, 2016 | Convene – 237 Park Avenue | New York, NY

With the healthcare industry continuing to experience an explosion of innovative technologies, regulatory bodies and associations are going to have a greater role to play in the speed in which digital health is truly realized. Combined with patient representatives having greater input into the formats and delivery of healthcare, the industry is still at a crucial turning point as wider market acceptance and international opportunities for digital devices hang in the balance. Following the success of the inaugural FT Digital Health Summit USA, the event returns this year to once again target the most pressing challenges and opportunities within the industry. Expanding the expert speaker roster to include greater patient representation, the agenda will look at how the wider consumer market is accepting digital health technologies as well as their potential in driving more proactive healthcare.

Deloitte Digital Health Summit

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What will be discussed at FT Digital Health USA?

How can we achieve a digitized healthcare system that allows for industry-wide collaboration between all stakeholders and greater empowerment of patients?

Adopting digital health – what needs to be done?

The rise of the digital doctor and its role in primary care.

Creating efficient digital pathways for patients and their data.

Power and privacy – the importance of cyber security in digital health.

Financing digital health – how long can the funding boom last?

Creating simple and effective reimbursement models for digital health.

The start-up disruptors and latest innovations within the industry.

Who is scheduled to speak at FT Digital Health USA?

The pharma perspective – how much value is the industry going to have to seed?

Better empowering patients through unified digital healthcare.

Scheduled speakers

  • David Schlanger, CEO, WebMD
  • Ryan Olohan, Head of Healthcare, Google
  • Bakul Patel, Associate Director for Digital Health, US Food and Drug Administration
  • Dr. Reena Pande, Acting CEO and Chief Medical Officer, AbilTo
  • Dr. Steven Corwin, President and CEO, New York-Presbyterian Hospital
  • Professor Yitzhak Peterburg, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Edward Scal, Chief Business Officer, Fitbit
  • Deborah Kilpatrick, CEO, Evidation Health
  • Jonathan Linkous, CEO, American Telemedicine Association
  • Talya Miron-Shatz, CEO and Founder, CureMyWay
  • Esther Dyson, Executive Founder, Way to Wellville and Chairman, EDventure
  • Jody Holtzman, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Strategy and Innovation, AARP
  • Dr. Amrit Ray, Chief Medical Officer, Janssen Pharmaceuticals
  • Dr. Jean Nehme, CEO, Touch Surgery
  • Andy Page, President, 23andMe
  • Judy Sewards, Vice President, Head of Digital Strategy & Data Innovation, Pfizer
  • Dr. Susan Shiff, Senior Vice President, Center for Observational and Real-World Evidence, Merck
  • Michael Seres, EPatient-in-Residence, Stanford Medicine X and Founder, 11Health

Who you might see while attending FT Digital