Deloitte at IoT Solutions World Congress


Deloitte at IoT Solutions World Congress 2016

25-27 October | Barcelona, Spain

Deloitte recently attended the Internet of Things Solutions World Congress (IOTSWC) 2016 as a Diamond sponsor. The IoT Solutions World Congress brings together industry leaders to discuss how the Industrial Internet can be deployed, how it is already being used, and the various benefits.

As part of the conference, a host of Deloitte Industry key note speakers and panelists explained our work with clients and the solutions we provide in different areas:

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Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet: Exploring The World of Connected Enterprises

Industry 4.0 (aka Industrial IoT or Smart Manufacturing) marries IT with operations technology and creates six overarching opportunities for business transformation. We examine these transformational plays and their application in manufacturing and distribution, focusing on the impact of Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 on the supply chain and customer engagement.

Speaker: Mark Cotteleer, Managing Director, Deloitte Services US

Learn more about the The future of mobility.

The Journey Toward A Smarter Infrastructure

How do you connect key components of your surrounding infrastructure ecosystem, such as power generation and distribution, transport, facilities, water and environmental systems, and listen to their heartbeat, monitor their health, create efficiencies and predict maintenance? This panel will showcase Toshiba technologies and industry advances in IoT aimed at making your infrastructure “smart” and connected.

Moderator: Mark Cotteleer, Managing Director, Deloitte Services US


  • Mr. Shigeyoshi Shimotsuji, Toshiba Corporation
  • Teppo Rantanen, City of Tampere
  • Sam George, Microsoft

IoT on the Move: Disrupting the Railway Business Paradigm with Transportation-as-a-Service

In this fireside chat session, Deloitte and Hitachi executives will discuss how Hitachi is creating a disruptive new Transportation-as-a-Service delivery model that is helping to transform the United Kingdom’s rail systems with an integrated IoT, Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technologies (OT) solution.

Interviewer: Tim Hanley, Deloitte Global Leader, Consumer & Indistrial Products


  • Kevin Eggleston, GM of the Americas, Hitachi Insight Group
  • Sara Gardner, CTO, Hitachi Insight Group

Customers, Data and Platforms: Building New Business Models In The Age of The IoT

Michael Raynor will be opening the show on 27 October 2016 (Day-3 of the congress) with his keynote on “Business Model Transformation.” To get off the Red Queen’s treadmill, we need new ways of thinking about business model innovation—ways that exploit the unique opportunities opened up by the technologies at the core of the IoT.

Speaker: Michael Raynor Managing Director, Deloitte Services LP

Watch Michael Raynor talk about his keynote for IOTSWC16 congress

Connected Vehicles: Opportunities and Challenges. What Will the Future Look Like? (GS5)

Connected vehicles have been in headlines of major news almost every single day. We hear about driverless cars, trucks and motorcycles connected to the Internet, and hear analogies to the transformation of mobile phones into smart powerful computing devices. The panel will explore these topics and share insights into what we are to expect in the very near future and how technology and IoT is changing the auto industry and the driver experience.


  • Magdalena Cramer, Bosch
  • Deborah Sherry, GE

Hear from other Deloitte Leads at IoTSWC:

Learn more about the The future of mobility.

Live demos at the show

As part of the Deloitte stand (D571), Deloitte showcased a number of exciting demos including:

  • Patient 360
    Deloitte Patient 360 is an IoT-based demo experience journey that focuses on empowering patients, providers, payers, and the pharmaceutical industry. Specifically, it can deliver better patient experiences by providing data and analysis to drive better outcomes and productivity in the healthcare marketplace.
  • Store 360 (Retail Sales / includes EngageMe) 
    Retail 3600 is a custom solution built to provide an omni-channel shopping experience to customers via a mobile app (EngageMe) and in-store inventory management capabilities to retailers via a web app (Store 3600), giving customers the experience they desire while helping retailers meet their goals of increased sales and operational efficiency.
  • Predictive Maintenance 
    Uses latest techniques in IoT and machine learning to predict maintenance needs of machines. Eliminates the machine health guesswork and move beyond regularly scheduled, reactive maintenances.
  • IoT-Enabled Foosball Table 
    Connected Foosball is a concept developed by Deloitte Digital to explore the potential of the IoT with enterprise scale platforms. This demo shows how data can be quickly (and cheaply) collected from physical environments and combined with that collected from digital touchpoints to enhance customer insight, improve business processes, and deliver a tailored experience.

    During a match, the table uses embedded sensors to capture events as they occur and sends this information to the Salesforce cloud to track metrics for registered players and teams. The data tracked by Salesforce and a Raspberry Pi inside the table is used by the Adobe marketing cloud to deliver a companion application via AEM screens in real time, providing the players with live reactions to events on the table. The Adobe campaign product is also deployed to use the Salesforce data to target registered players with automated tweets and emails, providing live score updates, reminders to play, and a roundup of the day’s action. 
  • Hack-A-Lightbulb
    During IoT Solutions Barcelona the Dutch Cyber Risk team will present a light bulb controlled by a remote power control unit. Using a special recording device (the HackRF), we record the signals a remote sends to this unit: ON and OFF. The recording device clones these signals and is able to control the light bulb without any help from the remote. Such a recording device can also be used in different situations.

    Think about the paradigm—Did we hack a remote power control unit or did we enable it for internet connectivity?
  • Connected Homes
    Deloitte Digital have developed a “Connected Lounge” environment to help organizations think about their vision for Connected Homes. It is a physical environment where visitors can see the technologies in action, including motion sensors, robot hoovers, connected lighting, smart thermostats, and connected plant sensors. The technology is supported by a solution architecture which brings disparate technologies together and a “proof of concept” mobile app, receiving and acting on the data provided by the connected devices. All this is driven by a set of customer personas and journeys, exploring the value to different groups. 

    The Deloitte Connected Lounge can help organizations to think about how best to deliver value for their customers and for the business, while addressing the challenges they will face.
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