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Curiosity and an entrepreneurial spirit drive Heather Rangel, Partner, Deloitte Tax LLP. Throughout her career in Global Employer Services (GES), she has challenged the notion that the best way to solve a problem is to do what was done before and followed her interest in technology, media, and entertainment companies to Silicon Valley. "I have always been fascinated with digital-native companies and start-ups," says Heather, "not just their vision for their companies, but their path to disrupt everything."

For over 19 years, Heather has provided global employer services to many of the most widely-known organizations in the technology industry. Her passion for the sector and commitment to her clients, their brands, and her team have helped her grow in her career and led to her appointment as Technology Industry Leader and Global Lead Client Service Partner (GLCSP) for one of the most forward-thinking and fastest-growing companies in social media.

Responsibility for the client relationships involving all the services Deloitte delivers to her client across all its businesses—tax, advisory, consulting, and go-to-market, for example—in all its geographies is Heather’s remit. For GES, Heather spends her time on eminence, like keynote talks at training sessions and conferences, and pursuits. "I make sure that my client has access to the professionals at Deloitte who have the experience and skillsets to meet their specific needs," Heather says. That keeps her focused on strategic relationship management, making sure that the Deloitte organization has relationships with the most important parts of the client's business in order to continue to serve them and stay two feet in front and ready for whatever comes next. "Everything we do for this client, we start with a clean sheet of paper," she adds. "I spend as much time as I can at the client’s headquarters, learning about their business and challenge our conventional style of client service to understand where they are focused and where we can help."

Studying her client like someone might study their subject matter expertise is how Heather believes she won their business. "I kept showing up at their offices until they accepted me as someone they could trust to help address their business challenges" she says. This immersion in her client continues today. Knowing her client's business better than anyone at Deloitte, she also believes, is why she earned and is still in the GLCSP role. Support from senior leaders who had her back, gave her the space to think outside the box, recognized her achievements, and made it clear that she was the future was another critical factor in her success. "I had one mentor," she remembers, "who from very early in my career made me feel that I was always the professional he believed I could be. I got a lot of strength from that."

Values matter at Deloitte—like its Culture of Courage that empowers people to speak openly, support each other, and act boldly. These values are one reason why Heather has built her career here. "I'm a single mother and a competitive swimmer. I’ve had the support and flexibility I need to do what I've needed to do—raise my children, compete in my sport, and deliver client service excellence," she concludes. "That and Deloitte's platform for growth and contributing to the causes that are important to me speaks volumes about why working here is a fulfilling experience and unbeatable when you compare it to a career anywhere else."

Heather Rangel
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