Corporate Restructuring Services

A Tax Perspective

Corporate restructuring refers to the act of reorganising the legal ownership, operational, or other structures of a company for the purpose of serving the needs of its stakeholders. In Cyprus, there are a number of key tax issues that often impact corporate restructurings. The most frequent are: Debt forgiveness, disposal and acquisition of debt portfolios, corporate disposal and reorganisations, bank loan restructurings, tax attributes, settlement of taxes during winding up.

Our Corporate Restructuring Services tax team works with companies undergoing a restructuring, by analyzing their tax issues and assisting them in evaluating tax efficient restructuring options.

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Pieris Markou

Pieris Markou

Chief Executive Officer

Pieris Markou is the CEO of Deloitte Cyprus and a member of the Deloitte Middle East Executive Board, having previously served as the Tax & Legal Services Leader. He started his career in London in 19... More

Antonis Taliotis

Antonis Taliotis

Tax & Legal Leader

Antonis Taliotis is leading the Tax & Legal services. He has an extensive experience in local and international taxation. Before joining Deloitte as a tax partner he worked for the Cyprus Inland Reven... More