Reimagine Cold Chain Logistics

Making the cold supply chain more intelligent and efficient

When shipping sensitive goods—from ice cream to insulin—industries today are losing billions of dollars, thanks to poor monitoring of temperature and humidity. Inadequate monitoring represents a public health concern and can lead to regulatory penalties.

Leveraging the SAP® Leonardo digital innovation system—which includes capabilities such as IoT, machine learning, and blockchain—Deloitte has developed a new ready-to-deploy solution that can help address cold supply chain challenges.

Manage the "cold" supply chain like never before.

Address the challenges that come with monitoring and maintaining temperature, humidity, and other conditions as goods move through the “cold” supply chain. Reimagine Cold Chain brings real-time insights and intelligent IoT capabilities supported by the SAP Leonardo digital innovation system—to help you take cold chain management to the next level. With Reimagine Cold Chain, your organization can improve its ability to maintain product quality and avoid losses.

The solution can help you reduce spoilage costs by as much as 5 percent, through real-time monitoring and historical analytics for the cold supply chain, including critical environmental parameters for products. With a reimagined cold chain, all roads lead to the potential for greater customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies—thanks to improved product quality, safer distribution practices, certified delivery, and predictive maintenance.

IoT on the move

Reimagine Cold Chain by Deloitte delivers an IoT-enabled solution that combines sensor-enhanced warehouse management, transportation, and delivery—including quality certificates. With built-in SAP Leonardo capabilities, this offering from the Deloitte Reimagine Platform supports actionable, real-time analytics as well as GPS tracking, predictive alerts, and integration with SAP solutions such as SAP S/4HANA®.

Potential benefits

Providing a simplified, intuitive user experience, Reimagine Cold Chain can help you rapidly identify temperature and humidity issues in the cold chain and then take action to correct them—before they create bigger problems.

By enhancing supply chain management with Reimagine Cold Chain and SAP Leonardo, you can:

  • Monitor and proactively manage the cold supply chain in real time
  • Distribute products more safely and more efficiently
  • Improve delivery quality while lowering costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction

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