Revolutionize digital business with Deloitte and SAP® Leonardo


Revolutionize digital business with Deloitte and SAP® Leonardo

Join us at SAP Leonardo Live Frankfurt, Germany—July 11-12, 2017

With wave after wave of disruption sweeping over businesses today, many leaders increasingly understand that they have to do something new. They have to do something more than a one-time transformation or IT modernization project. They have to innovate on an entirely new scale—to accelerate value, get ahead of tomorrow’s challenges, and sustainably respond to ongoing disruption.

SAP® Leonardo offers hope—providing a digital innovation system that can help you innovate at scale, build the intelligent enterprise, and redefine your business. Enabling SAP Leonardo to deliver real-world results, however, will require more than an ability to plug in technology. It will require an ability to strengthen the digital core and accelerate innovation—to seamlessly bridge operating and innovating.

Exponential value—accelerated

Deloitte can help. To find out how, join us in Frankfurt for SAP Leonardo Live (July 11-12, 2017), where you can get firsthand insights on our capabilities with SAP Leonardo, the SAP S/4HANA® modern digital core ERP, and the full spectrum of SAP® solutions.

In Frankfurt, you can get an up-close look at Deloitte Accelerated Value solutions, leveraging SAP Leonardo and developed through a new collaboration between Deloitte and SAP. These new offerings can help you radically automate processes, improve insights for decision-making, and deliver innovation for finance, the supply chain, and SAP S/4HANA Cloud for industry.

Whether you want to deploy new IoT capabilities, enable new business models, bring cognitive capabilities to the enterprise, or simply bolster your digital core to address tomorrow’s demands, the Deloitte team can help you on the path to accelerated results.

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Want to rapidly deploy leading-edge digital solutions to address exponential challenges, deliver exponential value, and revolutionize your business? Connect with us at SAP Leonardo Live to learn about the capabilities you will need to succeed.

Visit Deloitte to get the conversation started, to see a demo, or to learn how we can help you do something new with SAP Leonardo.

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