Marianna Moran

Tax & Legal

Assistant Manager

Marianna Moran

Marianna Moran is an Assistant Manager at Tax & Legal department and manages the Cyprus Gi3 (Global Investment and Innovation Incentives) team. She is also an internal champion on various EU taxation matters (e.g. DAC6, ATAD) and part of the Quality, Risk and Reputation Tax & Legal team.

Marianna has been involved in various local and international advisory and compliance projects, over the years. Further, she has been assisting with the review and formulation of policy on various tax topics, through ICPAC.

Through collaboration with the Deloitte Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre (IEC), Marianna is involved in large-scale EU-funded (e.g. Horizon) projects, being responsible for research, ideation and implementation of fiscal & financial incentives and business models. In addition, she is part of the ARIS start-up accelerator team, participating in its strategy formulation and consortium projects while also providing mentorship and feedback to start ups during workshops and pitching events.

Marianna holds a bachelor’s degree in Law LLB from University College London (UCL) and is an ICAEW member. 

Marianna Moran