Climate Rules

Interactive Educational Project to (Re)Solve Environmental Problems

The game principle of the Climate Rules project day lies in the discovery, search for information and thinking about the environmental, social and technological context. High school students experiment with technologies and innovations and have fun practicing their 21st century skills, such as cooperation, communication, critical thinking and creativity. 

Nature. People. Technologies. Climate Rules are more than a climate topic.

Who created the game? The Nvias organisation which found inspiration in the board game Climate Rulers. Since 2022, the game has been organised at 25 elementary and high schools in five European countries together with the Bridge Academy and Deloitte CE and with the support of the Erasmus+ programme. 


“Nature, people and technologies – all this has great potential. The game enables you to discover context over a long-time interval. Students face situations where they have to solve the consequences of their decisions and search for better common solutions.”

Pavel König, Nvias

“Despite its title Climate Rules, this project day does not only involve the climate topic but the issue is viewed in a broader context, including the environmental, social and technological levels.“ 

Aleš Smetana, Bridge Academy


“The Climate Rules game prepares students for becoming the driving force of changes in their school communities and supporting the global ambitions for a better, more inclusive and sustainable world. And that is something we will be very happy to support.”

Ivana Lorencovičová


WorldClimate by Deloitte
Because there is only one planet Earth

We will not go into details regarding the importance of this issue. We all know that. And we also know that there is no other planet we could live on at the moment. Therefore, if we want to protect our planet, we must be considerate of it. The base of our global WorldClimate strategy includes measurable and clear actions, which will lead to a more sustainable world and the mitigation of climate crisis impacts. Through education, innovations and modern technologies we want to inspire our employees and a broader community to make responsible decisions regarding the climate.  

The change always starts inside. And we have started it.

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And what’s next? The International Climate Summit and Day at Deloitte.

High schools from five European countries joined the Climate Rules game. As soon as all of them have organised their project day, a final virtual conference will take place. During the conference day, each team will present their sustainable development strategies and will subsequently have an opportunity to get in touch with like-minded people and find out how to transfer their new findings about climate change to their schools, families or communities. The winning team will have the opportunity to experience a Day at Deloitte where they will meet industry experts and try out the acquired skills in practice. 

Grant agreement for the project as part of the ERASMUS+ programme (project no. 2021-2-CZ01-KA210-YOU-000048349).


Regional partners
Bridge Academy, Nvias, Deloitte, Erasmus+

Local partners
NROS, Egyesek Youth Association, University of Ljubljana (with support Eco School Slovenia), Mladiinfo PL