2016–2017 Global CIO Survey

Navigating legacy: Charting the course to business value

Deloitte’s 2016–2017 global survey of CIOs takes us a step forward in gaining a deeper understanding of how CIOs create legacy - the value and impact technology leaders deliver to their organisations. Through in-depth interviews and online surveys, we collected the opinions and insights of more than 1,200 CIOs across 23 industry segments in 48 countries.

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This year the survey explores the extent to which CIO personality traits (“nature”) influence legacy more or less than technology capabilities (“nurture”). We also explore the gaps between IT capabilities and business expectations and the agility of CIOs to realign their capabilities to their business needs. Finally, we analyse the idea of the “digital iceberg” and how CIOs are better positioned than any other occupant of the C-suite to drive digital across the entire organisation.

The survey uncovered a shift in business priorities from “business performance” to “customers,” with 57% of CIOs choosing “customers” as their top priority, compared to 45 percent in last year’s survey. “Customer” remained the top priority for eight of the 10 industries represented in the survey. However, only 45% of CIOs stated their information technology organisation is involved in delivering customer experience through IT capabilities, and 28% of CIOs feel their IT organisations are below average in their digital skill sets.

Executive summary

Conclusion: Control your legacy

These pivotal times provide a unique opportunity for CIOs to drive business transformation, harness digital disruption and create a powerful legacy. We present 5 key takeaways in this report:

  • Be adaptive. CIOs are not limited by personality traits or work styles. In fact, we have seen that they can control their careers— and their legacies—by nurturing required leadership competencies and IT capabilities and make an indelible impact on their teams and businesses.
  • Invest in talent and capabilities to drive value. CIOs can’t build their legacies alone. The IT capabilities, teams, and talent that CIOs develop play a fundamental role in their legacies. To succeed, CIOs need to engage, attract, invest in, and retain talent and skill sets.
  • Rethink digital. CIOs should collaborate with other leaders to define “digital” based on their business context. They should acknowledge their role as drivers of the organisation’s digital transformation, demonstrate leadership, and exert influence over future business needs and strategy.
  • Cast a wider net of relationships and influence. To become and remain influential, CIOs should develop and maintain relationships with key stakeholders. They need to build alliances and partnerships inside and outside of the C-suite, their company, and their industry.
  • Step up or step aside. CIOs are at an inflection point. Irrespective of industry or competitive environment, technology will fundamentally transform their businesses. CIOs are best positioned to lead their organisations on this transformational journey, and if they don’t step up, other business leaders will.

Additionally, this year’s survey found substantial gaps exist between business expectations and IT capabilities. This presents CIOs with a huge opportunity to drive strategic alignment through IT capabilities. To keep up with changing business needs, CIOs should develop IT capabilities to drive business value, enhance their own personal competencies, develop relationships with other executives, and develop and nurture their talent and teams.

CIO Survey report (Czech Republic) – The Second Edition

This survey follows up on the Deloitte CIO Survey 2012 exploring the attitudes of CIOs in the Czech Republic that was conducted at the end of 2012. Following the presented results of the 2012 survey, we would like to provide you with the current data of the Deloitte global survey, comparing global results with the figures obtained in the Czech Republic last year.

The Deloitte CIO Survey 2013 – The Second Edition

The second edition of the Deloitte CIO survey was conducted in May and June 2013 and gathered responses from over 700 CIOs and senior IT leaders from various industries. More than 70% of respondents come from Europe, of which a third are from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The global survey follows the Deloitte CIO Survey 2012 exploring the attitudes of CIOs in the Czech Republic that was conducted at the end of 2012.

CIO Survey report (Czech Republic) – The First Edition

The aim of the CIO survey was to identify the state of IT management in major companies in the Czech Republic in the context of the macroeconomic conditions and the changing information and communication technologies’ environment with an emphasis on the development of budget possibilities, priorities and the strategic focus of IT divisions. The survey should help one to understand CIOs’ perceptions of the current situation and the future development in ICT management, predominantly comprising: ICT budget development and expectations for 2013, organisational and strategic aspects of ICT management, CIOs’ priorities for the subsequent period and their current understanding of technological trends.

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