Audit Analytics

The data in your organisation is full of potential. Deloitte has the industry expertise, advanced analytics capability and skills to embed analytical decision-making into key organisational processes to maximise its value - turning everyday information into useful and actionable insights.

We deliver Data Analytics in all industries and areas of business including Consumer & Industrial Product, Finance, Workforce, Risk, Fraud, Supply Chain, Tax Analytics and many more. Our Data Analytics Lab in Central Europe is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and operated by experienced and innovative professionals.

Audit analytics

The world of audit has evolved, with stronger regulatory demands, increasing data volumes and the shift from manual to automated processes. Applying analytics enables us to move beyond the traditional audit activities towards an environment of more sophisticated analysis and the overall delivery of efficient, high-quality audits while at the same time deriving more value from the audit process.

In Deloitte we believe that clients now expect an audit not only to evaluate financial reporting risks, but also to highlight potential areas for operational and business improvement. From our experience, we know that applying Analytics to audit helps us to focus on risks from a wider perspective and pinpoint specific areas to help organisations achieve their objectives, manage risk and improve their overall performance.

Branch network optimization

Branch Network Optimization (BrNO) consolidates client’s internal data together with detailed market and region characteristics into a single, interactive tool. BrNO provides unique opportunity to make data-driven decisions concerning branch network, such as:

  • Discovering locations for new branches – Every region, down to city district level, is evaluated by many variables so that locations with the biggest potential for the entire network are discovered.
  • Assessing network performance – Branch performance is more accurately measured by comparison with peer branches in a similar operating environment. This may help you in:
    • Deciding which branches to close or merge
    • Understanding network nuances by branch classification and segmentation
    • Setting branch-specific goals and KPIs


Additional information can be found in our datasheet available for download.


Ladislav Šauer

Ladislav Šauer


Ladislav Šauer joined Deloitte in 2001 and is responsible for attestation and advisory work related to both statutory reporting and reporting under IFRS for companies of the consumer goods and manufac... More