Big Data Engineering

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Analytics is being redefined as organizations adopt new business models and strategies. Existing analytics and BI alone cannot satisfy current business transformations towards data-driven culture. ​

To be competitive, companies from various industries (Telco, Automotive, Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Energy) are enabling new customer-oriented business cases using high volumes and different types of data from newly available sources. ​


  • Establish modern infrastructure with different tools and Big Data platforms, such as PaaS​
  • End-to-end solutions using process, governance, incentives and analytical models​
  • Design and develop a Data Lake in the cloud or on-premises​
  • Data transformation application development​ and Data Cleaning​
  • Stream analytics and event-based Big Data solutions​


  • Big Data Platform targets new business cases and enables companies to have a holistic customer view.​
  • Big Data Platform provides a single point of truth for companies’ data​
  • AI, in combination with Big Data Platform, applies predictive and prescriptive analytics, which enables new sorts of cases that focus on revenue generation and expense reduction.​

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Romans Taranovs

Romans Taranovs


Romans Taranovs is leading the Analytics & Cognitive department of Deloitte Latvia, focusing on the latest technologies in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data, Digital era challenges, data proce... More