Data-Driven Internal Audit


Data-Driven Internal Audit

Technology is the future. Organizations are implementing new technologies to gain significant advantage over their competitors. Internal audit shall keep up the pace with all evolving organizations to fulfill its purpose.

Focus on strategic risks

Today’s economic environment requires dynamic planning and management with respect to the strategic risks to which your business is exposed.

28% of Heads of IA believe that the value added by their department is recognised by the BoD.

Efficiency equals lower costs

Successful implementation of modern technologies increases the overall efficiency of processes while reducing total operational costs.

58% of Heads of IA expect that their number will decrease in the near future.

Our concept

At Deloitte, we transform traditional internal audit (IA) functions to achieve a higher level of performance through a full range of data analytic services based on the newest technologies, expert knowledge and years of experience in this area. In line with the IIA** standards, we developed our concept, which is based on:

1. Technology

  • Data governance and clean-ups
  • Development of data-driven IA models
  • Implementation of our advanced tools for data and process analytics, automated controls testing and compliance management
  • Visualisation of audit processes and reports
  • Building of data-science capabilities within your organisation

2. Framework

  • Assessment and design of the effective audit governance model
  • Design of risk, control and process taxonomies and inventories
  • Design and implementation of GRC solutions in the collaboration with top vendors bringing streamlined audit planning and execution in controlled environment, possibly interconnected with risk management, monitoring control testing and other processes
  • Integration of the IA processes to the GRC structure and alignment with the organisation’s strategic objectives

3. People

  • Outsourcing and co-sourcing of IA, data analytics, risk, IT, security and technical subject matter experts
  • Professional support and best practice expertise during the transformation

Key Benefits

Increased efficiency

Professional support and adopting best practises results in a greater operational efficiency of the organization.

Improved assurance

Testing based on analytics reduces the margin for human error and allows for greater precision in assessing operational performance.

Greater value delivered

Moving away from routine, manual and time-consuming tasks allows for a more proactive approach and real-time coordination of your business.

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