Geospatial Intelligence

A geospatial analytics platform that tracks and monitors asset locations with satellite imagery and external data.


Geospatial data analysis is challenging. Whether for environmental studies, construction, or energy analysis, it is prone to erroneous data, time lag and labour-intensive analysis.  ​


  • Urbanization​
  • Deforestation and regeneration​
  • Construction and deconstruction​
  • Earthquake damage ​
  • Manufacturing activity ​
  • Mining and drilling activity​
  • Excavated material measurement​
  • Subsistence​

Whether it’s for due diligence, site monitoring, or audit, you need a historical record of the changing landscape to make sense of the problem.​


SpaceKnow is a complete solution to historical, geospatial data analysis. Leveraging data from over 300 satellites orbiting the Earth, monitoring and analysing everything from urbanization to large-scale human migration, SpaceKnow is conducting ultra-large-scale and historical analysis of continents in near real time. Clients in public and private sectors can receive the data they need to make data-driven, informed decisions when they need it.​

Whether you’re a land developer interested in project progress, an environmental watchdog interested in terrain changes over time, or have a financial interest for due diligence, the right data can keep you one step ahead. ​


  • End-to-end data integration with your existing data pipeline​
  • Personalized dashboards, metrics, and platform development​
  • High location coverage, multi-resolution capability with visible and nonvisible analysis​

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Jim Vazquez


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