Process Mining

Exposing and taming process complexity through analytics


With the growing amount of processes, enterprise leaders face the challenge of truly understanding what is going on in their businesses.​

We can help to expose, deep-dive, and tame process complexities with advanced analytics. We can find, assess, pinpoint and remediate process-driven problems to improve KPIs. ​

Need a clearer picture of your enterprise's processes?​


Process Mining uses advanced analytics to visualize and assess data from any ERP and/or IT system. It helps to eliminate process complexity by: ​

  • Revealing an end-to-end view of processes​
  • Drilling into and quantifying process issues at the activity and user levels​
  • Providing benchmarks for internal best practices​
  • Establishing a single version of truth to improve decision making ​

The solution enables enterprises to identify, analyse and control process issues, waste, and risk to optimize sustainably in order to cut operating costs and improve KPIs.​


  • Cross-functional interface​
  • Single source of truth with fully fact-based insights​
  • End-to-end evaluation of processes across system boundaries​
  • Company-wide internal benchmarking based on comparable process KPIs​
  • Multi-dimensional advanced drill-down for root-cause analyses​
  • Automated process conformance check​

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Donovan Spronk

Donovan Spronk

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