Digital Exchange by  Deloitte (DXD)

Some parts of the procurement process can be hard to digitalize. DXD is a new SAP Ariba channel for electronic order and invoice integration that consumes PDF or other electronic documents and translates them into client’s desired format with 100% accuracy.

If you have suppliers that are not integrated to Ariba Network chances are that they are sending you pdf invoices over email or mail which you have to manually recreate in Ariba. PDF-to-invoice capability is a solution that allows the suppliers to upload the PDF invoices to the network. This can be either by uploading the PDF manually to Ariba Network or emailing it to Ariba. Data from the invoice is then extracted and converted to an Ariba Network invoice which means that your suppliers save on time and resources therefore you do too. 


Benefits of Digital Exchange

Buyer Benefits
  • Increased number of enabled suppliers in Ariba Network
  • Promoting procurement compliance
  • Faster PO response time for delivery of goods and services
  • Increase PO process Efficiency (reduction of manual work & lower error rate)
Supplier Benefits 
  • Easy set up and quick enablement 
  • Low-cost integration 
  • Reduction of manual work resulting in lower error rates
  • Promoting digitalized / automated, end-to-end process

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