Third Party Risk Management

Predict corporate default before it happens


In a global economy, the risks are global as well. The risk could be an issue with one of your suppliers that is affecting production, or it could be the health and safety issues of one of your business partners are impacting your brand’s integrity. Events like these could have significant consequences for your company. We understand that businesses facing today’s market risks might only be equipped with traditional risk procedures. Though they may be robust, well-tested, and familiar, they may lack speed. Red flags might take months to alert you. In the fast moving world of today, timely insights can make all the difference for your decision making. ​


Enhance your existing procedures with screening and monitoring. We are able to vet new third parties that you are considering doing business with as well as continuously monitor your existing business partners. ​

We use around a half a million vetted online news portals to look for adverse media from global household names and small local ones. To make sure the search is as broad as possible, it is independently performed in twelve languages using machine learning and natural language processing.​

To make sure you only get the insights you need, we leverage a team of intelligence experts that will prepare reports for you. They work with machine learning models that enable them to focus only on relevant news and to provide the quality and speed that you need.​


  • Near real-time data collection – 1 million articles per day​
  • Automated identification of threat events in the articles’ text​
  • Many documents combined into one event, which reduces the time needed for intelligence analysis​
  • Feedback loop into the threat models that enables constant improvement by providing only relevant data to the client and enables robust decision making​

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Donovan Spronk

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