Do you struggle with the quality of your customer care, with how call conversion rate translates to sales and opportunities? Do you want to understand the topics of conversation, as well as sentiments from engagements with your customers?

Our Voice-to-Text Analysis helps you to understand how your call centre works. It informs KPI optimization and measures its impact on your business.

The solution makes possible:

  • For call centre directors to sleep soundly at night;
  • To increase the availability of call centre employees;
  • To increase the success rate of calls;
  • To speed up the solving of incoming calls;
  • To decrease call centre costs;
  • To increase the profitability of call centres;
  • To optimise call time, call duration and the quality of communication; and
  • To optimise the capacity of operators and the transfer of knowledge.

We have assisted the internal call centre of a major Czech bank in doubling the sales success rate of its incoming calls.


Our Voice-to-Text Analytical solution includes:

  • Conversion of voice files to plain text data and metadata;
  • Emotional speech analysis;
  • Analysis of the unstructured text, conversion of free text to structured data;
  • Content analysis - topic and pattern analysis based on advanced linguistics;
  • Semantic analysis - sentence analysis, lexical structure, sentiment analysis, lemmatization (standardized form of each word), n-grams, term-document matrix;
  • Annotations – identification of entities like date, time, amounts, names, phone numbers, etc., using regular expressions, composite annotations (matching ontologies).

Our solution delivers on textual patterns leading to successful calls with a new sale to, or retention of, a customer. We analyse the emotions of operators and customers during the calls, as well as the impact of emotions on the result of the calls. The final analysis includes call patterns about hesitations, interruptions and silence. All of this delivered in a graphical report.

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Donovan Spronk

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