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Who we are    

Deloitte Private is exclusively dedicated to serving private companies of all sizes including local entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), startups, family businesses, large private companies, private equity funds including portfolio companies, and individuals. Our Deloitte Private teams understand the unique needs and challenges faced by private companies and can provide you with all-round tailored service.

Whether you wonder how other firms have addressed certain issues that you currently face or you want to determine how your company compares with your competitors in the market or you want to find out if you are using your resources to their full potential, we can provide expert advice. 

We are with you to address variety of other specific topics.

  • Have you considered whether you could save money and get better quality service by outsourcing accounting or payroll lfunctions?
  • Are you planning your taxes correctly?
  • Is there a cost-effective technology that would make your operations more efficient?
  • Are you properly secured against cyber security risks?
  • Is there a whole new market that you could open up if you modified your production lines slightly?
  • Have you considered acquiring another company abroad or pondered about how to transfer your company to your children?

Working with Deloitte Private means you will work closely with a trusted advisor – a sparring partner specialized in working with private companies who you can consult on a wide array of issues. The trusted advisor draws from the extensive experience gained from working with companies of all sizes and has direct access to a wide network of Deloitte professionals with niche specializations both in your country and abroad.

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Why Deloitte Private

  • We have earned our reputation as trusted advisors by working closely with our clients through many business and family situations they have encountered.
  • We have all professional services under one roof – audit, tax, legal, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, outsourcing, technology, interim management, etc. 
  • By providing a wide range of professional services we offer a holistic approach. We shed light on your challenges from all angles including from a financial, tax, legal, technology and business perspective. This full service is unique and cannot be replicated by a local accountant or a boutique law firm.
  • Our local knowledge is coupled with our large international network. If you are thinking about expanding abroad, our collective network is there to help you.
  • Unlike small local advisors, we also advise large multinational companies and thus you will have access to the same body of knowledge.
  • Quality service – Deloitte is synonymous with quality. A company cooperating with Deloitte has regularly additional recognition of business partners, banks and investors.