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Forensic Technology

Business is increasingly reliant on electronically stored information (ESI), the management of which presents significant – and unique – business challenges. Many of these challenges are enhanced by specific industry or geographic risks. The complexity of managing these risks is exacerbated by the rising tide of regulations, big data and globalization. We are capable of deploying our full breadth of services to assist you, or provide targeted services to augment your own in-house resources.

Our team helps clients deal with these data challenges quickly and effectively, identifying in a timely manner the root cause. Working with Forensic Technology practices across the world and having an experience and trained team in Prague and across CE Region, we provide forensic technology solutions and analytical support to a wide range of clients, from the largest multinational to a small tech start-up. Our work increasingly employs specialized competencies, such as best in class document review technologies, cutting-edge computer forensics tools, advanced analytics, visualization and geospatial techniques.

Establishing the facts of such cases, whether concerning illegal acts, bad business practice, or fraud can be time consuming, costly, and exceptionally high risk. The process of collecting, reviewing, analysing, and producing electronic, audio, and hard copy documents requires specialized expertise and extensive experience.

Our ability to offer seamless integration, from one stage of the eDiscovery life cycle to the next, or from one phase of the investigation to another, reduces the risks and costs associated with potential fraud, violations and misconduct.

Our Forensic Technology team principally comprises specialists in the following disciplines:

  • e-Discovery
  • Forensic Data Analytics
  • Digital Forensics / Computer Forensics
  • Cyber Breach and Threat Management.

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Burcin Atakan

Burcin Atakan

Partner Financial Advisory

Burcin began his career in 1996 as an internal auditor and he has specialized in the forensic field. He previously worked in the financial sector in Türkiye and delivered forensic advisory services un... More