Out-of-Court and Preventive Restructuring

Companies in difficulty often find themselves in imminent operational distress due to lack of liquidity, having to consider their next steps. As part of out-of-court and preventive restructuring, we help prevent insolvency by, for example, debt refinancing, negotiating temporary reliefs (suspension of payment, maturity extension or partial debt remission), finding and negotiating alternative financing or the entry of an equity partner. We have experience with the preparation of restructuring plans and their negotiation with creditors, including the use of a moratorium. Our established access to most local banks and investors allows us to directly communicate and negotiate with the relevant parties.

Selected references:

REDA Independent assessment of the Company, negotiation of temporary reliefs with creditors, provision of comprehensive refinancing, including state participation.

Czech Republic, 2021
PAPCEL Preparation of economic documents, including a proposal for financial restructuring for negotiations with bank creditors and shareholders.

Czech Republic, 2018
Jindřichohradecké místní dráhy (Jindřichův Hradec Local Railways) Economic analysis, preparation of strategy and documents for negotiations on financial stabilisation and assistance in negotiating solutions with the customer of transport services and the bank.

Czech Republic, 2017

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Radim Baše

Radim Baše


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