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Although technology is improving at an exponential pace and individuals are adapting to it quickly, organizations and the policies that govern them are not adapting fast enough; they need to Become Digital. Yet, recent evolution of core HCM to the cloud solution is setting up new HR standards in super responsive companies.

Companies that successfully came to first milestone in cloud, which is cloud selection process, are now solving how to increase the percentage of process automation and how to integrate artificial intelligence into a new agile and adaptive HR landscape. Digital HR advisory services by Deloitte are designed to guide you through the selection process of cloud solution customized for your HR needs.

HR cloud solutions allow you to:

  • Share ideas, information, and requests faster than ever
  • Use any device at any time, stay connected, and productive anywhere
  • Find the answer to any question quickly and easily
  • Access self-service tools for many of their needs as a manager or employee

Harnessing digital to improve employee experience

Digital HR is the application of Digital DNA, HR Customer Centricity, and advanced technologies through the lens of the High-Impact HR Operating Model to optimize HR to deliver sustainable organizational performance

As we progress through the “digital age,” the gap between what we experience as “consumers” continues to expand over our employee related experiences. We need to close this gap. Organizations with highly engaged employees experience a 3-year revenue growth rate 2.3 times greater than average.

Using digital HR benefits to adapt to the workforce ecosystem

Observing current global movement to super responsive organization with focus on cross functional cooperation and constant employee engagement infrastructure, digital HR improves collaboration and commitment of a wide array of stakeholders, business owners, developers, and security specialists.

Increasing positively employee experience:

  • Companies in the top quartile of employee experience are 25% more profitable than competitors.
  • Engaged employees are four times more likely to stay in their jobs.


Improving HR agility & flexibility:

  • Frequent upgrades provide assurance to stay in line with latest trends.
  • Intuitive self-services allows majority of configuration to be in hands of the HR.


Source: Digital HR & Employee Experience by Deloitte


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Andrea Černá


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Zuzana Kostiviarová

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