HR paperless

The HR agenda often entails an excessive administrative burden and documentation. Documents accompany employees throughout their employment – from entering the employment contract over annual tax settlement to giving one’s notice or concluding an employment termination agreement. Especially nowadays, when an increasing number of employees work from home, these numerous administrative matters have an impact on effectiveness and costs. The fact that it may be difficult to sign and hand over some documents makes the situation even more complicated. A solution may be surprisingly simple – integration of the flexible web portal PeoplePort.

Legislation and technical capabilities allow one to replace paper documents with an electronic version and sign them digitally. The PeoplePort web portal developed by Deloitte is one of the solutions to the payroll and HR agendas. PeoplePort enables document sharing and is accessible from a web browser on any device (PC, tablet, mobile phone). Multinational companies can use it as a multi-country tool for the international HR agenda.

Employee card

Each employee has a unique access to their employee card (i.e. their profile) including their personal and payroll data administered by the employer for HR purposes. Employees may update selected information by themselves. The employee card can also be used for the employee’s on-boarding process and as a distribution channel for delivering documents to employees (payslips, pension insurance registration form etc.).

Employee tax agenda

By using the electronic versions of Declaration of the Taxpayer and Request for Annual Reconciliation of Tax on Dependent Activity, employees can apply for tax reliefs and tax bonuses (without any physical interaction with the employer). The application collects data and documents required by law for claiming tax reliefs and bonuses and subsequently enables for the data to be inspected by tax authorities without the need for printing anything out or submitting documents in paper form. The application also incorporates the approval workflow, fully configurable by the employer, as part of which the inserted data and documents are reviewed and approved by the payroll department.


Using the PeoplePort application, employees can request time off registered by the employer (vacation, sick days, paternity leave, bonus days etc.), which is subsequently confirmed or rejected by their superiors within the approval workflow. The attendance application enables setting an unlimited number of absences, their individual administration and regular updates of balances following any changes in the employee’s employment arrangement. For reporting purposes, attendance data saved in the application may be imported into a payroll system.


If needed, employees may ask their employer for support, a document, information or another explanation using a ticketing application. Each ticket of an employee is recorded and the assigned ticket supporters are notified via email. The entire communication is in an electronic form and employees have access to the ticketing history on their profile.

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