Personal Data Protection


Personal Data Protection 


Our team provides legal services related to the area of personal data protection and cybersecurity in the digital environment (in particular in relation to mobile applications, web portals, and communication interfaces within the so-called Internet of Things) for companies that deal with data and information protection issues, including the legal maximisation of the use of data generated in products. Our goal is to provide legal services that integrate technological and legal aspects together, not as a sandbox separate from the technology itself.

Through our services, we help companies implement cutting-edge technologies with an emphasis on perpetuating the Privacy-by-Design principle enshrined in the data protection legislation.

By using privacy enhancing technologies and privacy engineering, we help clients comply with all legal obligations related to their projects from start to finish. In addition, we facilitate obtaining a competitive advantage from high level of data protection.  

Furthermore, we offer also rather “common” legal services in relation to data protection, including the assessment of legal documentation on data protection. We can help with analyses under GDPR and other regulations, with cookies, or with the transfer of personal data to third countries. 

We have provided legal services to one of the most significant innovators in the European automotive market and aided them in implementing Privacy by Design principle in the creation of any type of product. We also provided comprehensive advisory services to other clients regarding the implementation of analytical tools from US companies after national authorities ruled that their use is problematic – to help our clients utilise these technologies without fear of regulatory violations.   

We do not merely copy sections from legal regulations. We do not make data protection a burden. We make it an opportunity

We are Deloitte Legal Digital Team. 

Personal Data Protection

How can we help you:

  • Implementing Privacy-by-Design principle tailored to individual company’s business and needs; 
  • Offering legal services in relation to privacy enhancing technologies and “Privacy Engineering” into the company’s processes; 
  • Preparing user-friendly information on the processing of personal data and related documentation contributing to more transparent information for all data subjects and affected persons; 
  • Performing GDPR compliance audits, gap analyses, risk analyses, and impact analyses in relation to the entire company or individual activities or projects
  • Offering legal assistance with the implementation of individual steps to protect data during data transfer or in a cloud storage
  • Assessing the regulatory aspects of data protection in a cloud/hosting or software-as-a-service (SaaS) services in remote environments; 
  • Assessing the use of cookies on websites for (re)marketing purposes and when using third-party analytics tools (Google Analytics, Meta Ads, etc.). 

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Hana Gawlasová

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