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Industrial and intellectual property law 


In the area of intellectual and industrial property rights, we provide comprehensive services in setting up and optimising the protection of these rights, both internally within companies and organisations and in relation to third parties, in the preparation and review of contractual documentation and in the registering these rights with the relevant authorities.

We also assist our clients in the enforcement of intellectual and industrial property rights, including representation in the resolution of existing and potential disputes concerning, for example, copyright, trademark rights, or domain names. Our services also include due diligence of intellectual and industrial property rights and advice on collective copyright management (including negotiations with collective administrators).

How can we help you:

  • We will identify your company’s intellectual property rights
  • We will design the protection of industrial property rights where appropriate or necessary
  • We will protect intellectual property created by employees or other persons by identifying existing risks and designing appropriate solutions
  • We will prepare licensing and sub-licensing agreements for industrial property rights and register them with the relevant patent offices
  • We will prepare agreements on the transfer of industrial property rights and register them with patent offices
  • We will register national and international trademarks and/or European Union trademarks
  • We will file  oppositions against the registration of trademarks
  • We will  negotiate with collective administrators of copyrights and rights for the payment of royalties
  • And we will carry out due diligence covering your company’s intellectual and industrial property rights, in particular to streamline their management or properly value your company
Industrial and intellectual property law

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Hana Gawlasová

Hana Gawlasová

Partner | Attorney at Law

Hana Gawlasová is a partner and head of the digital (formerly TMT) law practice group at Deloitte Legal in Prague. She has more than 20 years of experience in the field of information technology and t... More

Kateřina Poddaná

Kateřina Poddaná

Managing Associate | Attorney at Law

Kateřina Poddaná is a Manager in the Commercial department at Deloitte Legal in Prague. Currently, she focuses on the business development of multi-disciplinary cases with tax law overlaps and synergi... More