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Our legal team of specialists focusing on law in the area of information and communication technologies , commonly referred to as “ICT”, provides legal support to clients whose businesses are based on technology.

We provide comprehensive advisory services, including the setup and negotiation of software transactions, both for software delivered to an on-premises environment and for software in a cloud environment (SaaS). We have years of experience with the specifics of contracts relating to other ICT products, including IaaS, PaaS, and their combinations. We also regularly assist clients with setting up and supporting sales channels that are based on the distribution chain. Our experienced team has helped successfully negotiate over a hundred key global software contracts for our clients.

We offer extensive experience in the development of the latest technological advances, acquisitions, setting up regulatory compliance, and its subsequent implementation in companies. We also have the expertise in providing services to leading manufacturers of secure hardware wallets for secure cryptocurrency storage, as well as to global vendors providing aggregated cryptocurrency mining technology to user mining pools. We also support companies whose products are based on virtual and augmented reality

Furthermore, we help companies with digital transformation. We have assisted several major clients with the transition to digital and distance contracting with B2B and B2C customers using various levels of electronic signatures, electronic seals, and time stamps. In addition, we can properly set up an audit trail and subsequent archiving of the resulting electronic documents.  

Among other things, we provide legal support to clients with AI-based business or those who intend to use these services in the future. In this area, we are approached by clients requesting opinions, manuals, or internal guidelines for use in companies. On top of that, we assist developers during the development itself so that the final product is of an appropriate legal standard for their customers. 

We deliver value by eliminating unnecessary risk. 


How can we help you:

  • Offering comprehensive legal support in the preparation or negotiation of software contracts
  • Preparing contractual documentation for the development of customised software solutions using various methods (waterfall, scrum, DevOps, lean, and others); 
  • Ensuring legal aspects in the implementation of technological solutions (including generative AI or new hardware means of virtual or augmented reality) also with regard to possible legal risks arising from individual projects; 
  • Offering legal analysis of software solutions licensing via SaaS, demo, and/or partner sales licensing and legal risk assessment for different growth options via different distribution channels; 
  • Assisting in setting up technology start-ups and in scaling up to global and cross-border projects; 
  • Addressing legal B2C obligations arising from the sale of digital products (digital content, services or products with digital properties) to consumers; 
  • Evaluating the legal aspects during the use of artificial intelligence and neural networks in the provision of technology services; 
  • Providing legal services in relation to the implementation of scalable e-signature solutions;  
  • Integrating remote identification methods into the company’s products and services (e.g. using Bank Identity) and digitally archiving the resulting electronic documents. 

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Hana Gawlasová

Hana Gawlasová

Partner | Attorney at Law

Hana Gawlasová is a partner and head of the digital (formerly TMT) law practice group at Deloitte Legal in Prague. She has more than 20 years of experience in the field of information technology and t... More