We support and advise our clients from the very inception of the transaction – ie, from the outline of the basic acquisition concept – through the strategic planning and legal due diligence stages, the preparation and negotiation of contractual documentation and post-acquisition steps. Through cooperation with experts from Deloitte’s other functions, we are able to provide a wide range of integrated services covering all aspects of the transactions, not only in the Czech Republic.

How we can help you:
  • Support you in planning and executing acquisition due diligence projects.
  • Advise you on an optimal legal structure of the acquisition transaction.
  • Prepare all contractual documents and carry out necessary negotiations with a counter-party.
  • Support you in other legal matters and steps related to the purchase or sale of assets, business or capital interest or the establishment of a joint venture, including the transaction conclusion and settlement and potential post-acquisition integration.
  • Procure licences and approvals from state authorities required for the acquisition or restructuring of a company.

Mergers and Restructuring

Our corporate team has implemented a number of corporate restructurings and mergers for clients, both within the Czech Republic and across borders. We guarantee minimal financial costs and time investment, standardised requirements for supporting documentation, and an effective analytical process in the legal due diligence and contractual documentation preparation phase: these practices markedly reduce the time spent by the client’s management on the related steps.

How we can help you:
  • Prepare comprehensive legal scenarios (including drafting all necessary legal documents) and execute all steps in mergers, de-mergers, absorptions, transformations, buy-outs of minority shareholders, spinoffs and acquisitions of any form (sales of businesses or their part, asset deals etc.).
  • Carry out initial analyses of the legal aspects of the planned restructuring, including proposal of convenient solutions and realisation scenarios, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each solution.
  • Assist with the identification of the most convenient restructuring project, provide guidance regarding the strategy of the transaction including its risk management, project finance issues and cost-effectiveness and take over the full scope management of the transaction.
  • Procure licences and approvals from state authorities with respect to company restructuring.
  • Provide comprehensive legal assistance in the mergers and acquisitions implementation, bankruptcy proceedings or company’s liquidation.

Due Diligence

These days a detailed and professional legal due diligence of a target company is an absolute necessity. Our experienced lawyers specialising in legal due diligence will be happy to carry out for you the legal due diligence of the company you consider acquiring. Our aim is to procure necessary information regarding the target company for an investor and thus avoid potential undesirable surprises in the future as well as to procure documents and information necessary for drafting and dealing with acquisition documents. In due diligence execution we cooperate with the teams carrying out financial, tax or operational reviews and thanks to these synergies we achieve a higher effectiveness of the services provided.

How we can help you:
  • We are ready to support you in dealings with a seller regarding the form and the manner of the execution of legal due diligence.
  • We will prepare or negotiate for you a Letter of Intent determining basic conditions of a due diligence and possible acquisition.
  • We will carry out a legal due diligence of a target company in the scope recommended by us and approved by you.
  • We will prepare for you a final due diligence report in the language version preferred by you, containing our findings, risks arising therefrom and proposals for their solutions and will take them into account in acquisition documents.
  • We are ready to present to you our findings in person.