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Our Restructuring and Insolvency team consists of a number of qualified attorneys-at-law, some of whom have nearly 20 years of experience in the field and have worked for several leading law firms in the Czech market during their careers. The Restructuring and Insolvency team is led by Partner Petr Suchý, supported by Senior Attorney-at-Law Michal Buchta. All members of the team have extensive experience with numerous major transactions and insolvency proceedings in the Czech market and the CE region.

Knowledge of insolvency law is a prerequisite for dealing with complex and sophisticated insolvency proceedings. However, if you truly want to provide comprehensive services in this area, you must also have experience in mergers and acquisitions, financing, and corporate law. We are fully aware of this. That is why you will find experts in all these areas in our team. We also work on a daily basis with our seasoned colleagues in Restructuring & Financial Advisory Services at Deloitte Advisory, who have expertise in financial markets, economic analysis, asset valuation, and corporate crisis management. As we like to say together, we work as one, under one roof, and with a common effort to achieve the best outcome.

Are you considering investing in distressed assets? Are you interested in securing financing during a reorganisation? Do you prefer a non-insolvency (voluntary) restructuring? Or perhaps you need representation in pure insolvency proceedings? Whatever the task, our experienced team is ready to assist you!

Our team was approached by the prestigious international publisher The Law Reviews to cover insolvency legislation in the Czech Republic in the 14th edition of The Restructuring Review. Are you interested in more details?


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How we can help you:


In order to identify the correct way to save your business, we conduct a financial and legal due diligence of your company to the extent necessary. We focus on whether your company is in danger of meeting the statutory definition of bankruptcy and should file for insolvency, or whether it is still outside the scope of the Insolvency Act and there is room for your intended or otherwise appropriate operations. In the event of late filing for insolvency, the personal liability of the members of the statutory body applies, which should be avoided as far as possible. Performing a Solvency Diagnosis will clarify these issues and identify the steps that need to be taken to save your business. You will be confident that your actions will lead in the right direction and that you will not be haunted by personal liability. From a time perspective, it is always necessary to act immediately, as the window of opportunity to take the necessary action closes very quickly in these cases. Many traditional law firms are unable to offer a Solvency Diagnosis because this service requires a thorough cash flow analysis and economic interpretation. For this reason, we offer an integrated solution consisting of a unique collaboration between our team and financial advisors from Deloitte Advisory.


After completing the Solvency Diagnosis, we can offer you our assistance in the Voluntary Restructuring, based on which you will find out how, and especially where, it is possible to save money, how to restructure your company appropriately, or how to monetise non-core assets to increase liquidity. This could be the sale of your chosen assets, the entry of a strategic investor who invests in your company in exchange for an agreed share, or the creation of a joint venture. By working closely with our colleagues from Deloitte Advisory, we are able to identify and introduce suitable strategic investors to you.


If, after the Solvency Diagnosis, it is clear that your company is facing an insolvency situation, or if this is imminent, we are ready to assist you in preparing a reorganisation plan and negotiating sufficient support for this plan from creditors to obtain approval for a pre-packaged reorganisation. We develop this plan in cooperation with our colleagues at Deloitte Advisory, resulting in a product that combines legal and financial expertise that traditional law firms are rarely able to provide. As part of the insolvency proceedings, we guide the debtor through the reorganisation process until they are released from their previous debts while maintaining their business as far as possible.


Investing in distressed assets can be an interesting opportunity to expand your current investment portfolio, often at very attractive terms. We are ready to assist you in identifying and analysing the investment plan, negotiating the terms of a possible buyout of claims from creditors, or negotiating the terms of a transaction with representatives of a company in financial difficulties. In this area, we also work with our colleagues at Deloitte Advisory, who will identify investment opportunities for you and determine an appropriate strategy for the process. Our experienced attorneys-at-law then use this information to negotiate the terms of entry into the target company, obtaining the highest return on investments for their clients.


If you are a creditor and you want to ensure maximum satisfaction of your claim from the debtor in bankruptcy, we will help you to file your claim, exercise all your rights related to this claim, and choose the most appropriate strategy within the insolvency proceedings so that the satisfaction of your claim is as high as possible.

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Petr Suchý

Petr Suchý

Partner | Attorney at Law

Petr Suchý is a Partner at Deloitte Legal in Prague. He is head of the Mergers & Acquisitions department at Deloitte Legal and participates in the leadership of the Restructuring & Insolvency team. He... More

Michal Buchta

Michal Buchta

Senior Managing Associate | Attorney at Law

Michal Buchta is a Senior Managing Associate in the M&A department at Deloitte Legal in Prague with more than 10 years’ experience in the areas of M&A, Restructuring, and Insolvency. Michal specialise... More