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A third of Czech millennials suffer from long-term stress. Mainly due to material concerns

Prague, 8 July 2020 – A third of Czech millennials feel under pressure, with 34% feeling anxious or stressed constantly or most of the time. Yet this is ten percentage points fewer compared to their peers worldwide. These are the results of the nighth edition of the Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2020. More than 18 thousand millennials and Generation Z respondents from 43 countries participated in the study before the pandemic broke out, including 300 millennials from the Czech Republic.

The reasons for stress and anxiety as seen by the Czech respondents are family welfare (40%), the long-term outlook of one’s financial situation (35%), physical health (33%), job opportunities (28%) and daily finances (26%). However, compared to millennials worldwide, Czech respondents tend to feel to a much lesser extent that stress and anxiety are a reason for slowing down. Only 35% see it as a legitimate reason for taking time off from work (sick day, vacation), compared to 50% of respondents globally.

According to millennials in the Czech Republic and worldwide, the biggest threat to society is climate change. In the view of Czech millennials, this is followed by education, health, and disease prevention. Globally, millennials see crime and loss of employment as the second- and third-biggest threat after climate change. Only 31% of Czech respondents think that the current steps to improve the environment will be effective (40% globally), with 35% feeling these efforts will fail (29% globally). 

As for business, Czech millennials interviewed in the survey were more sceptical than their peers worldwide. Only 30% believe that businesses have a positive impact on society (50% globally), compared to 45% last year (55% globally).

“Compared to the rest of the world, the trust of Czech millennials in institutions, businesses, politics and their representatives has long been extremely low. There is a risk in the Czech Republic that productive and talented people will leave for countries where trust in these organisations is much higher. If we do not act fast to break this trend, repairing the damage will take much longer,” says Diana Rádl Rogerová, Managing Partner at Deloitte Czech Republic.


After the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, Deloitte carried out an additional survey of 9,300 respondents from 13 countries. Climate change remains a priority for millennials and Generation Z. However, two-thirds of respondents believe that due to the pandemic and the deteriorating economic situation, environmental protection will move down the list of priorities of governments and businesses. 

Read the Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2020 here.

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