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Deloitte teams up with iVigee to focus on intelligent automation in pharmacovigilance (drug safety)

In early June, Deloitte entered into a partnership with iVigee. The aim is to collaborate on the development of an Intelligent Medical Information Centre (IMIC) that will bring process simplification, savings and increased efficiency across the segment.

Deloitte’s Life Science & Healthcare and Intelligent Automation team focuses on the development of intelligent cloud-based contact centres powered by voicebots and chatbots, as well as process automation using low-code platforms and their use in the regulated pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The combination with iVigee will give Deloitte expertise in pharmacovigilance processes and relevant legislation. This is required to complete the Intelligent Medical Information Centre (IMIC).

“This centre will make communication about adverse reactions, product quality defects or individual requests for medical information more accurate and effective compared to the traditional contact centre,” says Jan Petráček, CEO of iVigee. “In addition, our solution enables automatic connection to other client software for processing and reporting pharmacovigilance events, such as Argus,” adds Jan Hejtmánek, head of the Intelligent Automation team at Deloitte.

iVigee combines knowledge, intelligence, and skills to provide innovative pharmacovigilance services for the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory authorities. A group of experienced pharmacovigilance professionals founded the company, and is currently serving dozens of companies, primarily in the USA. 

“I firmly believe that the cooperation with iVigee will help us to complete the development of the Intelligent Medical Information Centre as a top-quality assistant for our clients, to whom we will be able to offer an even wider range of services of the highest quality," adds Věra Valešová, Manager of the Life Science & Healthcare team at Deloitte.

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