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An offer one can’t refuse. Hundreds of students have applied for the Dreamjob at Deloitte competition.

Prague, 14 November 2022 - The six-month Dreamjob competition has four winners. Two of them were selected from among the current Deloitte employees, and two from a pool of external candidates. The Gen Z-focused campaign, developed by Deloitte together with DFMG, managed to attract over 400 CVs despite the holiday season, and increased interest in other open positions at the firm by a quarter.

Over the next six months, the four winners will have the opportunity to translate their ideas into the reality of practical Deloitte operations. The company will create the best possible conditions for them as part of the Dreamjob project, including VIP mentoring, high-quality technical equipment, above-standard remuneration, their own car or the opportunity to travel abroad.

"The selection process took the form of an interview and a panel discussion in which the candidates presented their vision to the company management representatives. The four winners impressed them, among other things, with the topics they would like to pursue. Sustainability, focus on ESG projects or specific ideas about the development of corporate culture and changes in the internal operations of the company resonated," says Martina Schiestlová, HR Director at Deloitte.

The HR campaign ran from 27 July to 22 August this year. Its aim was to start a dialogue with representatives of Generation Z about both the issues they consider important in their employment and how they would like to address them. At the same time, it invited those who had not yet thought about the shape of their dream job to do so. Dreamjob targeted recent graduates and young talents from business-oriented universities, technical fields, IT or law schools. The creative concept was developed in partnership with Digital First Marketing Group (DFMG).

A total of 420 candidates applied for their dream job over the course of two months. Ten of them were shortlisted, while a further nine candidates came from among current Deloitte employees.

In the current job market, it is often no longer the case that the company chooses the right candidates, but rather the best candidates choose the company they join. Thanks to Dreamjob, Deloitte has managed to turn this situation to its advantage by treating the job offer as a debate about what an ideal and meaningful job should look like. As a result, candidates applied knowing that they would be able to largely determine their own job role.

"The impact of the campaign exceeded our expectations. Even though it ran during the summer holidays, when students and recent graduates do not think much about new jobs, we managed to exceed our target of 400 CVs without using up our set media budget. We exceeded our marketing targets by 30–100% and interest in other roles offered within Deloitte increased by 25%. And we are only talking about metrics we are able to monitor thanks to cookies," says Jiří Vávra, Head of Deloitte NEXT.

"The campaign ran across content networks, on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and TikTok, and recorded over 10.5 million views across all channels. "By comparing the formats used, Dreamjob also confirmed to us how important platform-specific video is to the target audience. If we compare the number of CVs received and the cost of obtaining them, YouTube and TikTok performed significantly better in this case than, for example, LinkedIn," adds DFMG Creative Director Vojtěch Raiman.

The Dreamjob competition and the involvement of its winners in the practical running of the company represents another important step in Deloitte's approach to the younger generation of potential employees. At the same time, it aims to bring the visions that the winners will work on during the six-month Dreamjob project into the life of the company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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