Coaching & Mentoring

The Agile transformation is applied across whole organization, including people in roles like Scrum Masters, Product Owners, but also managers and leaders. Coaching and mentoring are a continuous effort that enables a single member as well as whole teams to act in a way that is cohesive with the new way of working. There are areas where people need guidance and support – setting correct strategies, objectives, budget, resource allocation and other important topics. They need to be addressed and handled properly - to ensure a congruent approach throughout all levels. Our agile coaches can help you in all these areas by applying their knowledge, skills, and practical experience.

Management Level

Working with managers is essential, but it’s often absent during Agile transformations. These highly skilled people represent a key part of your transformation and need guidance as well as any other member of your organization.

Coaches Level

Agile coaches and Scrum masters within your company are people with the key knowledge. During the beginning of agile transformation, their knowledge and practical experience may be limited. We can help them by increase their skillset & drive common practices.

Team Level

All meetings, ceremonies and best practices are easy to set-up, but hard to execute in an effective way. We can work with your teams to help increasing their performance.


  • When transforming into agile, the roles & responsibilities change. We can ensure a smooth introduction to a new way of working by mentoring your managers.
  • While your release cycles might shorten, it is still important to have a clear roadmap & strategy to make sure everyone is aligned.
  • To be able to set product strategy, you need to have specific targets & definition of what success looks like. We can help you find the most appropriate metrics (e.g. OKRs & KPIs).
  • High performing teams are built based on end-to-end capability. We can help you design new teams or advise how to minimize dependencies in the existing ones.
  • Defining features might be tricky as we often tend to miss the purpose of working on certain items. This is critical to be able to prioritize each feature. Using techniques like Impact mapping or incorporating Personas into User stories will make things easier.
  • Organizational changes drive also need to change budget & resource allocation. We can help you set up everything that is needed to keep full control over your investments & revenue.


  • Keeping knowledge inside the company is essential - to keep performing without external help. We will help your Agile coaches & Scrum masters to grow by preparing & performing set of activities.
  • When starting with agile, key people need to gather a significant amount of information. We are ready to mentor your coaches by providing theoretical knowledge & transforming it into practice.
  • Setting up development plans with specific targets & reviewing them might be too much to handle, especially when you are new to agile. We can help you conduct these as well as to solve complex issues - to ensure your coaches stay motivated.
  • Once the coaches / Scrum masters are more self-assure, we move to a monitoring mode (so called shadowing), where we observe & do not intervene unless necessary. Any identified gaps are discussed during regular feedback loops.


  • We will show you how to set up & drive the ceremonies so you can prepare, plan & track your work in a more convenient way as well as engage your stakeholders by sharing your deliverables.
  • You will learn how to break down a project into shorter developmental cycles while still delivering value. We will also look at how to set up the whole product development in the right way. 
  • You will get familiar with the advanced testing strategy using Test-Driven Development and Behavior-Driven Development.
  • We will familiarize you with horizontal slicing your user stories, their description and setting up the correct Acceptance criteria which will help you identify whether a specific user story is complete.  
  • You will learn how to set up a relevant product release strategy. 
  • We will help you conduct the definition of ready and done. Those are crucial to stabilize the value delivery system and increase predictability.• You will learn how to stabilize the overall production system by minimizing the existing bottlenecks & limitations (building t-shape, improving cooperation within the team).

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