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We address regulator and marketplace demands to manage third-party risks through our third-party optimisation services. We can provide you with an objective report of the control environment of your organisation that you can use to give comfort to your clients or the control environment of the service providers you work with.

We help clients manage extended enterprise risk by conducting independent assessments of an organisation’s control procedures to establish that existing controls/processes meet management objectives and to demonstrate control effectiveness to customers and their auditors through independent reports.

We will assist you in obtaining assurance over your third-party partners’ compliance with agreed contractual terms. On the revenue side, you can be sure that you are receiving the revenues (e.g. royalties, licence fees, revenue/profit share) you are entitled to and that your third-party partners comply with brand/marketing obligations. On the supply side, this involves assessing whether third-party suppliers have charged you accurately for services provided as well as the assessment of whether they meet service/product quality requirements. 

Our breadth of experience covers all industries and all types of third-party relationships: outsourced providers, advertising agencies, licensees, materials suppliers, etc. We can also support you in assessing your adherence to contractual terms with your customers and licensors. We can provide recommendations to address any gaps in your current processes and controls.

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