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VAT advisory

Value added tax, which is a frequent means for committing tax fraud, is most commonly audited by tax authorities. It is therefore in the best interests of companies to purposefully manage the area of value added tax, react to turbulent legislative developments and to impulses from the tax administration.

Our experts continuously cooperate with the business and public sectors in the area of value added tax. In the Czech Republic we have the most extensive team of tax advisors who are experts in the area of value added tax but who also specialise in various industries – we therefore understand not just tax issues but also the specifics of your business.

We can help you with the correct set-up of value added tax application on new transactions and processes and the subsequent preparation and review of tax returns, local sales/purchases reports, EC sales lists and Intrastat reports, as well as during negotiations with the tax administrator as part of tax proceedings.

Advisory in the area of value added tax

VAT legislation in the European Union is partially harmonised. However, with cross-border transactions it is still necessary to expect specific amendments and interpretations of the individual member states. Aside from other things, the various member states apply different tax rates, indirect taxes in certain countries can reach up to 25%. Without deeper knowledge of EU and local tax legislation and without understanding and appreciating the overall investment/business strategy of the entity, the tax burden can unnecessarily accumulate very quickly.

Deloitte has offices within and outside of the individual EU member states and thanks to the professionals who work there it provides advisory services concerning local and international indirect taxation. Our services will allow you to correctly plan your activities in the Czech Republic, where we regularly focus on the latest trends, legislative development and the impact of legislative changes on the business of our clients, even on foreign markets (determining the correct tax rate, information about specifics in local legislation).

Advisory in specific areas

  • Foreign trade and chain transactions
  • Consignment stock
  • Deficits and damage
  • Marketing costs
  • Real estate transactions
  • Electricity and gas trade
  • Coefficient calculation review
  • Tailor-made training
  • ERP implementation
  • Comprehensive VAT review
  • Taxation of moulds and tools

Preparation of tax returns and outsourcing of related services in the Czech Republic and abroad

We are a leading service provider of complete and partial outsourcing in the area of preparation, review and consistent and highly efficient processing of tax returns, local sales/purchases reports, EC sales lists and Intrastat reports.

Deloitte can arrange the fulfilment of all or only selected obligations related to value added tax not just in the Czech Republic but also in many other jurisdictions. We guide our clients through the registration process, the period when they do business in the Czech Republic or abroad, and the final deregistration. Do you need to register and file one or a thousand tax returns, deregister and terminate activities? Deloitte is ready to help you.

Advisory during negotiations with the tax authorities and during legal disputes

Deloitte has a sufficient number of experts who will guide you through various negotiations with the tax authorities and who will be happy to represent you. The topics can include tax refunds, preparation of responses to official and unofficial questions of the tax administrator after the submission of a tax return or local sales/purchases report, preparation of responses to the tax administrator’s questions as part of its searching activities or even during a tax audit. We represent clients before the tax authorities during tax audits in the Czech Republic and in other countries with the help of our colleagues. Together with our colleagues from Deloitte Legal we lead extensive and complicated disputes regarding the correct application of VAT on behalf of our clients.


Adham Hafoudh

Adham Hafoudh

Partner in Charge

Adham is the Partner in Charge of the Tax & Legal function in Deloitte Czech Republic. He focuses mainly on VAT and has broad experience mainly with VAT structuring of international business transacti... More