Remuneration and employee benefits

Employees are the heart and soul of every company. Every employee expects to be adequately rewarded for their work performance. As the job market is very competitive, employers are looking for new ways to reward their current employees for their work efforts and experience or attract new ones.

Employees’ compensation may be monetary or non-monetary. In practice, it most often takes the form of wage (or salary) remuneration and possible employee benefits. The Labour Code lists examples of possible other benefits and benefits in addition to wages. As the list is non-exhaustive, it allows the employer and the employee to agree on different forms of remuneration as long as it follows the statutory rules. 

The distinction between wages and “the rest” is proving to be long outdated, which is why we set up flexible remuneration so that each employee can find their own way to satisfy their needs.  

When looking for new forms of remuneration, employers want to meet the needs and expectations of their employees, but they also need to consider their financial or organisational capabilities. Our team of experts is ready to share with you the latest trends and insights in the field of remuneration, and we will be happy to help you put them into practice.

How to prepare for the changes brought by the government package?

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Our expert team can help you with: 

  • Setting up/reviewing the remuneration system in accordance with the sector in which your company operates.
  • Advisory on executive reward, including equity plans or similar structures.  
  • Home office – assistance and set up of work from home, including advisory on the associated expenses and legal documentation.    
  • Remote work – working from abroad presents significant challenges, and we can help you find the optimal way to operate and eliminate any potential risks.
  • Assistance with the introduction of an electronic benefits system (meal vouchers, cafeteria/benefit cards) - we cooperate with all major providers in the Czech Republic.
  • Preparation or revision of policies and rules relating to remuneration and/or benefits.

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Tereza Kavan Klimešová

Tereza Kavan Klimešová


Tereza is a Partner in Deloitte’s Tax & Legal function in the Czech Republic. She joined Deloitte in 2002. She leads the team dealing with remuneration and global employee mobility issues - not only f... More

Lucie Dryáková

Lucie Dryáková


Lucie is a Manager in Deloitte’s Tax & Legal function in the Czech Republic. Lucie has been working in the field of remuneration and benefits for more than 15 years. She provides advice to Czech and f... More